15 Barbecue Side Dishes To Amp Up Your Summer Menu — From Unexpected Salads To Upgraded Standbys

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Technically it's still spring, but the dramatic switch from freezing cold to undeniably hot has us in summer mode already — and I'm not complaining. One of the best things about warmer temps is eating outside, and the uncovering of barbecues that have been hibernating since last September. Whether your specialty is burgers, kabobs, or something more adventurous, your next BBQ can reach new heights with the right barbecue side dishes. These 15 side dish recipes highlight the best the season has to offer, and from fresh and easy salads to upgraded old standbys, there's definitely a dish (or three) to complement whatever you've got going on the grill. There's something about cooking and eating in the sun (or under the stars) that makes food taste even better, am I right?

Image: How Sweet It Is

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