One Direction's "Story of My Life" Video Is Fantastic, Which Is Embarrassing to Admit

A little less than two weeks ago, we were reluctant to announce to the world that we loved One Direction's new song "Story of My Life," and now, we're hear to reveal our embarrassment once again: We love the new video for "Story of My Life," too. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson know how to make a pop hit and their videos are just as fun. In this, the second music video to come from their album Midnight Memories (the first was "Best Song Ever"), the boys are pictured reminiscing about, you know, the stories of their lives.

While it's unclear why the young men are using old-fashioned techniques to develop photos of their family members (come on, just show them scrolling through their Instagram feed), it is clear that they really love their lives. And the story of their lives. And their families. And if there's anything more adorable than a floppy-haired youth who's appreciated of his parents and his humble beginnings, we're not sure what it is. Damnit 1D! You've hooked us again.

Their album comes out Nov. 25 — just in time for the holiday season, guys — and yeah, it's on our wish list. Admit it, it's on yours, too.

Watch the new One Direction video for "Story of My Life."

Image: OneDirection/YouTube