The 'RHOM' Cast Says The Reunion Is "Out Of Hand"

This season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne has been pretty dramatic so far, and there's no pumping the breaks in the near future as the season heads toward a reunion show. There's been a lot of clashing and a lot of rumors, which as viewers makes for a really fun time, but for the women involved, well, that might be another story. I sat down with Janet, Chyka, and Jackie of Real Housewives of Melbourne when they were in the United States recently and they did not hold back when spilling on how the reunion went down. "People were screaming and crying," Janet says. "And I thought, 'Why did I think this was going to be easy?'"

"The first reunion, we didn't know what it was going to be like and I was so nervous and scared," Janet tells Bustle. If you don't remember how the reunion went down last season, it was a nightmare. That's the best way to put it. Janet says, knowing what to expect, that she saw the second reunion as an "opportunity to have our say and to talk about things." Sounds calm, positive, and very, very unrealistic, right?

"It was so much worse than the first reunion," Janet says.

So much for positivity.

Looking at the roster of fights we've seen this season, it's no wonder it went down. We have: Pettifleur and Gamble, Gamble and Janet, Lydia and Gina, Gina and Pettifleur, and Jackie and Gina. Basically, there's a lot of drama and it's all going down on the reunion.

Chyka, who has managed to be Switzerland throughat all of the drama, says that issues that weren't even known issues make an appearance at this reunion. "I thought everything had been solved," Chyka says, "But it hadn't." That right there speaks to my Theory Of Real Housewives Relativity which is: An issue in motion will remain in motion until forever.

It was an immediate "yes" from Janet and Chyka when I ask if the women in the group tend to hold on to issues. "They brought up things from last year in this reunion, and I'm like, 'What? Haven't we done that?'" Janet says.

"I don't [hold on to issues]. I am very good at moving on," Jackie says. "Things are getting brushed over, and I did bring something up that happened last year," she says, "But I had a legitimate reason to bring it up."

Janet spoke up and said that the issue Jackie brings up during the reunion is organic, not "out of the blue." Of course, the women didn't say what Jackie brought up, but I could guess that it has something to do with the Jackie and Gina argument in Manila (and possibly the initial issues that Jackie and Gina had in the beginning of the series). "There are tantrums, someone walks off the set and won't come back. There's crying, and it got so out of hand," Janet says.

Sounds like a pretty standard recipe for a Real Housewives reunion, if you ask me.

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