Gina & Pettifleur Argue Over Bookgate On 'Real Housewives Of Melbourne,' Making Janet And Gamble Look Like Angels

Finally, there is something new for everybody to be talking about in Melbourne. On Thursday, the Real Housewives of Melbourne began their trip to the Philippines, and it was a train wreck and a dream come true balled into one episode thanks to the Gina and Pettifleur bookgate fight. We haven't even seen these women sit down for one calm meal on their trip before a fight erupts between Gina and Pettifleur, and this new feud is definitely going to put the Janet and Gamble feud to shame.

First, the women are calling their trip a "holiday," which makes sense since it is the term they use for a vacation. "Holiday" is a million times better than the word "vacation" so that is what it will be called from here on out. I digress...

The holiday started off pretty mellow actually, which I believe is referred to as "the calm before the s—tstorm." Of all people to instigate this new feud, Chyka is the one that actually brought up the upcoming Pettifleur book to Gina and Gamble, and I'd just like to point out, Chyka was also present when the Janet and Gamble feud began. I'm not trying to point out a common link... but it's Chyka. Chyka is the common link. (Don't get me wrong, I love Chyka more than anyone else on the show, so I welcome her catalyst qualities.)

Chyka asks Gina — aka a barrister, aka a lawyer — if it is legal for Pettifleur to have a book called Switch the Bitch when there is a "book in America" — seriously, who is America to ruin Pettifleur's dreams of being an author — by the name The Bitch Switch. Obviously, I was curious who wrote a book in America called The Bitch Switch, and color me not surprised when I learned it was Omarosa of The Apprentice. If you know Omarosa, you know that book makes sense.

Gina — who I don't believe is a copyright lawyer, but maybe I'm wrong — said "probably" as if there was "probably" some law against them having similar book titles. I don't know if that's how it works, but if it means we get to see Gina sit a little barrister wig atop her "it's full of secrets" hair, then consider me sold. Unfortunately, Gina didn't seem very interested in the legality of the book, she seemed more interested in the name of the book and references of the term "bitch."

Everybody is going to have a different opinion on whether or not it is demeaning towards women to use the term "bitch" repeatedly throughout the book, but no one is going to have a stronger opinion about it than Gina. At dinner, Gina brings up her opinions of the book to Pettifleur, basically saying that it is demeaning towards women and she would never buy a book that was written like that. Sorry, she didn't basically say that... she did say that.

If that isn't shade, I don't know what is.

Pettifleur attempted to defend her work, but it got to the point where you couldn't even understand what the women were saying because they were just talking over each other. Just like every good Housewives dinner party, right?

What will come of the Real Housewives of Melbourne bookgate? This disaster dinner is spilling into next Thursday's episode, but something tells me this is the new feud that everybody is going to be talking about.

Images: Martin Philbey/Bravo; butter-leopold-scotch/Tumblr