The 'Revenge' Series Finale Is Almost Here: 6 Things Fans Need In Order To Lay Amanda Clarke's Journey To Rest

After weeks and weeks of speculation, ABC finally announced what we knew to be true all along. After four seasons of vengeance and plotting, the network has decided to give a red sharpie to this Hamptons-based drama. That's right, folks — Revenge is officially canceled. And while it's always sad to see any beloved series come to an end, I'd much prefer to see this story go out with a bang rather than attempt to muddle through a potentially mediocre Season 5. Revenge is better than that and deserves to depart with the same amount of gusto it had while coming in. But in order to do that, there are a few certain things the Revenge series finale needs to do in order to properly lay Amanda Clarke's captivating journey to rest.

It's not necessarily that I need the series to tie everything up in a neat little bow or anything. That's not really Revenge's style. However, given that we'll no longer be seeing these characters up on the small screen anymore, it'd be nice to get a sense of closure on all fronts, so that we know what becomes of them. So if it really is time to say goodbye for good, here's what the finale needs in order to appease its dedicated viewers.

Emily's Name Cleared

Or should I being saying Amanda at this point? (Now that she's revealed her identity to the world I'm not quite sure what to call her anymore.) Either way, though, she deserves to be found innocent in regards to Victoria's death, especially since now we all know that Victoria isn't actually dead at all. A Clarke has already been wrongly accused at the hands of the Graysons. It'd be unfair to see history so cruelly repeat itself.

A Happy Ending For Jack

If Emily does die, which still seems very possible, it would still be nice to jump to some point in the future and see Jack married and happy to a nice woman. Emily knew that she was signing up for a huge risk the minute she set out on her revenge-filled path. Jack, on the other hand, has been an innocent in all of this. So he, above everyone else, deserves a happy outcome. Even if it is without Emily.

A Nolan and Louise Reconciliation

This doesn't necessarily mean that I want them to stay married. But given how dynamic these two are on-screen it'd be a shame if they didn't go back to being as close as they once were. These BFFs need to kiss and make-up already.

One More Big Hamptons Bash

Grayson Manor may be burnt to a crisp, but that doesn't mean the Hamptons elite can't find some other place to throw one more classy party to send this series off in style. It's how the show began and it's how the show should end.

A Final Death Scene

It wouldn't be a true Revenge send-off if at least some blood wasn't spilled. Whether it be Emily's or Victoria's or both, I have a feeling we'll be seeing at least one of these leading ladies get killed off (for good this time) by episode's end.

One Last Red Sharpie Sighting

Because it just wouldn't be Revenge without it.

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