Willow Smith Released Her First Music Video In 2 Years — Here Are The 9 Best Moments From "F Q-C #7"

Do you remember where you were the first time you heard Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"? The year was 2010, and Willow — the daughter of superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith — was only 10 years old at the time, making it all the more incredible (and slightly embarrassing for us grown adults) that she came out with such an ultimate JAM. And admit it, "Whip My Hair" is the ultimate jam. She sorta disappeared from the music scene after that, only occasionally dropping tracks here and there online, many times with her brother Jaden, and never releasing a full-length album. But things just got totally awesome again, because Willow just released her first music video in five years. It's a song called 'F Q-C 7', and it's amazing.

The video for 'F Q-C 7' features four different version of Willow, which she explained in an email to The Fader: "The different Me’s represent my Chakras. Yellow is Self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me)." Sounds good to me! As for the inspirations behind the song, Willow said: “Girlpool, tUnE-yArDs, and Cree Summer really were the women who inspired me to make this song.” Talk about awesome musical tastes.

Here are the 9 best moments from Willow Smith's 'F Q-C 7' video — though really, the whole thing is genius.

Convening with nature

I love that Willow starts the video just chilling by a stream. It just seems totally HER, and the right thing to do. She's connecting with that deepest part of herself, where the music comes from.

Being her own one-woman band

You know you're amazing when you're only ONE PERSON but you can totally become FOUR, each of which plays a different instrument. These aspects of Willow's Chakras are each as fierce as each other's, and I love it.

Basking in the sunlight

If we're going to get all metaphorical, it's been a long "winter" (i.e. time without new Willow Smith music) and now it's summer and we need to bask in the beautiful warmth of the sunshine... right? Right.

This genius bit of symmetry

There were several instances of these symmetrical Willow faces on either side of the screen in different colors while a full Willow sings in the middle. I just think they're pretty neat artistic visuals, don't you?

Practicing karate in the forest

If you're gonna be a free spirit — and brush up on your martial art skills — where better to do it than a forest? Willow really "got her ya-yas out", if you will, in this video.

Getting all up in your face

One thing I really love about Willow Smith is that I really feel like she has something to say and she feels really passionately about the things she talks about. While she's young and her ideas will likely change over the years, I love that she's such a critical thinker at a young age. Do you, Willow!

This look

While the band continues jamming, there's at least one part of Willow that's shocked and/or slightly terrified about what's going on. That, or she just felt like making some funny faces. Either way, I like it.

A moment of prayer

Willow has always been vocal about her spiritual journey, and I think "F Q-C #7", particularly as a visual medium, really let her do that. It seems only right that there's a reflective moment of prayer included, don't you think?


Enough said.

Enjoy the full "F Q-C #7" video below, because it's pretty incredible.

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