Celeb Mother's Day Gifts Aren't Always Fancy

Every mom wants to feel special on Mother's Day. Whether it's breakfast in bed, tickets to see a favorite play, or just spending time with the people she loves, Mother's Day is a chance for a mom to appreciate all motherhood has to offer. Some might be curious about how celebrity mothers are spending the day. After all, celebrity moms are no strangers to elaborate gifts or extraordinary grand gestures on the holiday.

Well, it might pleasantly surprise you to hear that some of the greatest and most appreciated gifts received by celebrity moms are not all that exquisite at all. They are simple, but simple in the best way, because they show a genuine appreciation for all the hard work mom does for the rest of the year.

So, if you have been stressing about the perfect gift to get your own mother or worrying about whether your present measures up among others given to different moms you know, worry no more. Because as can be seen here, some of the best gifts barely cost any money at all. Here are some of the sweetest gifts celebrity mothers have received. It might sound cliché, but the best gifts really do come from the heart. And these gifts are proof enough!



Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, was on the ball early this year by writing an open letter to Beyoncé, Solange, and Kelly Rowland about, well, basically how amazing they all are. You can't really top that!

Kate Hudson


"Ryder makes things, so he's made me this beautiful tree out of sticks and he took shells and painted them and made them the leaves of the tree," Hudson told Us Weekly of her, at the time, nine-year-old son in 2013.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Parker told Us Weekly that homemade gifts are her favorite. "Any note that James Wilkie writes me is an incomparable gift — beyond — he writes such lovely, sweet touching notes that are sometimes quite funny," she said. "My daughters draw me pictures all the time and if I'm away, they mail me wonderful, wonderful pictures of themselves, self portraits. A necklace that they dream of having one day. Loretta just drew a beautiful, long beaded necklace that she sent me in the mail that she hopes to have one day."

Gwyneth Paltrow


Paltrow showed her appreciation for a Mother's Day meal made by her kids. And she did it in the most Goop way possible. She told Bon Appetit, “I always feel like the kitchen is fertile ground for my kids to expand in all ways. It’s so practical and essential for life and they really grow into their bigger versions of themselves when they are in the kitchen. I always have a lot of fun cooking with them." Aww!

Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani obviously has a soft spot for homemade cards — and she wants the world to know it! On Mother's Day in 2013, she was spotted walking around California with a sweet gift from her child Zuma. The card featured a photo of the child as a baby, with "MOM" spelled out over pink paper hearts.

Jessica Alba


The actress was proud to show off her handmade cards, flowers, and handprint molds gifted to her by her children back in 2014 on Instagram.

Tori Spelling

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spelling's gifts from her children have included gems such as a coffee mug, flowers, a decorated tote bag, and a handmade card reading "You are my sunshine." All together now: Aww!

Rachel Roy


Sometimes your kids really are all you need. The fashion designer certainly thinks so! She told The Huffington Post, "My favorite Mother’s Day gift was definitely my daughters! Having them has taught me how to be a strong woman and allowed me to become the woman I was meant to be, their mother and guide though life."

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