Veronica & Troy Would Have Changed 'Veronica Mars'

Marshmallows may bicker over whether Veronica should have ended up with Piz or Logan, and while shirts may be printed for those two "teams," Piz and Logan weren't the only guys who came into Veronica's life. For instance, she also had a lengthy relationship with Duncan Kane — and who could forget sweet Deputy Leo?! However, while most of Veronica's boyfriends — whether or not they had large fanbases backing them — were nice guys, the same can't be said for all of them: Troy Vandergraff, for example, was Veronica's boyfriend for a brief period of time in Season 1, and though he seemed like a pretty good guy at first, he wasn't what he seemed to be. After all, as Veronica remarks over the course of the series, you never really know a person.

What made Troy the worst? Well, for one thing, he was a drug dealer, but considering that's not a terrible offense for Neptune High, he was also a slew of other things, including a pathological liar. Troy tried to trick Veronica into helping him smuggle steroids from Mexico so he could run off with the drugs, cash, and his REAL girlfriend who was waiting for him on the other side of the border. Veronica, of course, found out about this ruse — and after flushing the drugs and besting him, the two didn't meet again for a year — when Troy was accused of rape at Hearst College. He didn't commit the crime (something which Veronica helped investigate), and seemed to have really changed his ways. But, alas, the damage between him and Veronica had been done, so the duo never even came close to reconciling. In fact, according to Veronica, she wanted to only remain "acquaintances" with Troy, if that.

But let's go back a bit. What if Veronica never thwarted Troy's plan? What if, instead, Troy decided to come back to Neptune, despite the deceitful plan he set into motion? Here's how the series could have been different:

Veronica Would Be On The Wrong Side Of The Law

And I'm not talking about a few minor infractions in the name of private investigating, I'm talking about big time federal offenses. If Veronica stood by Troy, there's no way he wouldn't have gotten her involved with his drug dealing somehow.

Logan And Veronica Wouldn't Have Happened

Veronica would have been too busy dealing with Troy's troubles to take on cases like Aaron Echolls' stalker, or Lynn Echolls' suicide — the latter of which ultimately led to Logan and Veronica's friendship and their eventual romantic relationship. It would have been a true tragedy.

Lilly Kane's Murder Would Never Have Been Solved

Think about it: the only reason Veronica was able to have access to the Echolls' home was through Logan, who hated Veronica for ages before they began dating. If Veronica was with Troy, Logan and Veronica's relationship would have never happened — and neither would Aaron's arrest for Lilly's murder.

Aaron Echolls Wouldn't Have Died

Duncan Kane might not have had Aaron killed, because Aaron being Lilly's killer wouldn't have been revealed — at least, not in the same way as it was after Troy and Veronica broke up.

Keith Would Have Really, REALLY Hated Veronica's Boyfriend

Yeah, he wasn't a fan of Logan, but at least Logan wasn't a drug dealer.

Veronica Might Have Never Have Gone To Hearst

Without Logan's troubles keeping her in town, she might have deferred a year and ended up at her choice school, Stanford — or, she would have chosen another school in the area.

We'd Never Have To Choose Between Logan And Piz

Instead, the fandom would be united in their mutual disdain for Troy. (Except for you Troy shippers. I know you still exist somewhere.)

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