Why The CW's 'Cordon,' The New Show From 'The Vampire Diaries' Julie Plec, Is Worth Getting Excited About

It's been an emotional time for Vampire Diaries fans, many of whom aren't quite sure how their beloved CW series will function now that Nina Dobrev has chosen to bid farewell to longtime character Elena Gilbert after Season 6. While you may be able to be soothed by the promise that The Vampire Diaries will, indeed, return for a seventh season, and the show's spinoff The Originals will return for a third season, those aren't the only reasons why we should smile about the future of The CW. Vampire Diaries and Originals' showrunner Julie Plec has a new series coming to The CW and it might make you forget all about Elena's Vampire Diaries departure... well, almost. The new show Cordon is coming to The CW this fall and it's something to get excited over.

For those of you keeping score, Cordon will mark Plec's third series to air on The CW at the same time, which means that we may need to officially call the channel The Julie Plec Network. According to Deadline, the show has already received a full series order, which means that we'll get to see at least one full season of Cordon play out onscreen. Here's why we should get hyped for Cordon:

It Could Be TV's Next Hunger Games

According to Deadline, Cordon is about a "mysterious and deadly epidemic" that breaks out in Atlanta, where an urban quarantine is enforced while scientists search for a cure. The show will focus on several characters, one of whom begins to unravel a conspiracy about the deadly epidemic that could change everything. As people fight to stay alive, "unlikely heroes" will rise. The dystopian city and the heroes who challenge set conventions seems very Hunger Games, and I am INTO IT.

A Vampire Diaries Favorite Will Appear

Chris Wood, the actor who plays the uber evil Kai on The Vampire Diaries, will return to The CW for Cordon.

An Originals Actress Is Also Slated To Appear

Claudia Black, who portrayed present-day Dahlia during Season 2 of The Originals, is also slated to join the cast.

It's Based On A Belgian Series

The tried-and-true format succeeded overseas, and will hopefully work just as well for American audiences who love a good tale of dystopia.

It's Not Another Superhero Series

Don't get me wrong: The Flash and Arrow are great shows, and I'm pretty hyped about the upcoming DC's Legends Of Tomorrow series for the network. I'm just ready for a series that isn't a part of the superhero universe to stand out.

It's Julie Freakin' Plec

She gave us the Caroline. She gave us Elijah. She gave us the Salvatore brothers, shirtless. I have 100% faith in this woman and can't wait to see what she cooks up next on The CW.

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