Beyonce Poses For Givenchy Ad

by Lauren Turner

With Rihanna positioning herself as the first Black face of Dior and Lupita Nyong'o becoming the face of Lancome, brands are adopting more and more African American representations. So when rumors swirled that Beyonce might be the new face of Givenchy, it was less of a surprise to me, and more of a moment of applause.

After stepping out in more jewels than actual fabric at the MET Gala, Beyonce was already making the headlines for Givenchy. So when pictures of her latest photo shoot with the fashion house were released, it gave us all another chance to see the star in Ricardo Tisci's designs. In the first batch of the photos, you can see Beyonce in a black hooded dress that looks to be detailed with some spidery-lace design. In another picture, you see her in a long, red honeycomb covered gown, one that walked in the 2015 fall collection. Dare I say that's beehive-inspired?

To be honest, I wasn't truly blown away by her MET outfit. I mean, didn't Rihanna do that whole, "sheer with jewels" thing, months ago? Nonetheless, I personally find this new match-up pretty fitting. This fashionable mommy has grown into her mom-style flawlessly, and Givenchy is all about being flawless.