Did 'TVD' Really Just Do That To Elena?

Tell me that this is just a nightmare and that what I think I just saw is impossible. I mean, is Elena actually dead? Would TVD really kill off their leading lady in such a quick and devastating manner? We've speculated and theorized for quite some time now about how Nina Dobrev would exit The Vampire Diaries and now I fear that we may finally have our answer. But let's just try to break this down the best we can while remembering to take deep and calming breaths.

During Thursday night's episode, "I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime," Kai returned (and we knew he would) and potentially killed his sister Jo — on her wedding day, no less. (RIP Jo?) But Kai was only just getting started. He then immediately set his sights on all the guests and sent glass magically hurtling everywhere through the air. And in the process our beloved Elena fell to the ground looking severely injured. And while it's hard to say how extensive the damage is, given the promo for the season finale that immediately followed things are not looking all that good.

For starters, we see Damon holding Elena's very still-looking body. That is never a good sign, in my opinion. These images were then intercut with some very Elena-centric memories that will make you want to burst into tears on the spot. Suffice to say, it feels very much like a eulogy, making her death all the more difficult (perhaps even impossible) to deny.

Add all that to the fact that she no longer has the option of becoming a vampire (a major side effect of the cure) and it seems that this moment really could be her final farewell. At the very least Delena fans can find some bit of solace in knowing that she and Damon were solid in their happiness together. He was more sure than ever about taking the cure and they shared a very special moment together right before all the chaos ensued.

Granted we all wanted so much more for this couple. They deserved to be happy together. But it wouldn't be the first time TVD left us emotionally devastated, though this is by far the worst I've ever experienced. So start preparing yourselves now, folks. Because all signs point to the fact that this is going to be quite the heartbreaking goodbye to Elena Gilbert's TVD reign. (I'm not crying. I just have something in my eye.)

Images: The CW