Eric & Jessie James Decker Talk Swimsuits & Babies

The Deckers first came on the scene in 2013 with their E! reality series Eric & Jessie: Game On, and we haven't been able to get enough of them since. We quickly got to know and love Eric — the NFL all star who deep down is just a wholesome family man, and Jessie — the southern belle with a playful sense of humor, a powerful voice, and a killer eye for style. Their time on reality television may be over, but trust me, they are just getting started.

In their most recent project, Eric and Jessie teamed up with Purina to launch the Paw It Forward movement, which encourages pet owners to spend more quality time with their pets and take actions to help pets in need — a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. They've also each got tons going on in their respective careers, are busy being parents to an adorable little girl, and are expecting a new baby boy!

I recently had the privilege to sit down with the happy couple and catch up on what they have been up to, both in terms of family life as well as career endeavors, including Jessie's music and her exciting new fashion pursuits. There's a lot more coming from the Deckers — most importantly, more adorable family photos.

1. Jessie is launching a follow up collection to her swimwear line in July.

Jessie tells me her bikini line is currently sold out, but there's good news for fans who still want to get their hands on some Decker-designed swimwear. "I wanted to come out with a follow up collection because of the high demand for it," Jessie says,"and I'm really excited about that." Us too.

Here are some of the pieces from the upcoming Kittenish line, worn by Jessie.

2. She checks Jessica Simpson's page daily.

Jessie's been loving interacting with her fans on social media, but she has her own set of celebrity Instagram obsessions. "I look at Jessica Simpson's page every day," she says, along with other celebs. "I want to feel like I'm part of what they're doing too."

3. She grew up drawing bikinis and outfits in math class.

While Jessie considers herself a singer-songwriter first, she's been interesting in clothing design for a long time too. "I grew up always drawing bikinis and outfits in math class," she tells me. "I was either writing songs or designing outfits."

4. Eric has his favorite Jessie outfits.

Eric is incredibly supportive of his wife's endeavors, and even has his favorites from the upcoming collection. "I really like the white gown she wore on the red carpet to the AMCs," he tells me. It's not all about red carpet wear, however. "She looks good in her jean shorts and the flannels," he says.

5. Jessie made her swimsuits to fit every body — and she totally reads people's comments on her pictures.

Jessie made an effort to ensure her line looks good on everyone (every body is a beach body, after all). She says people sometimes comment on her Instagram photos claiming "that's not going to fit girls with this or that," but she insists they're all wrong. "I made one is like a bra for support which I called 'The Jessie' because I have humungous boobs and I feel like I get no support usually [from swimsuits,]" she tells me. By contrast, she also made one for her sister, called "The Sydney," because "my sister has no chest but she rocks it. There's something for everyone."

6. Her favorite bikinis are "The Parker" and "The Reese."

"The Parker" swimsuit (pictured on the right)...

...and "The Reese" swimsuit...

...are Jessie's two favorites. She particularly likes "The Parker" when she's pregnant, because of the high-waisted granny panty feel. Jessie loves "The Reese" for all its girly frills.

7. She's also a great resource for beauty tutorials.

If you've succumbed to the craziness of #TheKylieJennerChallenge, please know that there's an easier, safe way to get that pout — especially since we now know the truth behind Kylie's enlarged lips. You can check out Jessie's makeup tutorial on Youtube for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a plump pout, as shown below.

8. And she's still making music.

Jessie's new single "Clint Eastwood" is out now, and she is finishing up her EP. If you want to meet her IRL, she'll "be at CMA fest all week meeting all the fans, and I have a bunch of shows coming up including a show in New York on June 30th," Jessie tells me.

9. Eric & Jessie have chosen a name for their soon-to-be baby boy...

...but they're not revealing it! In fact, Jessie says, they've known what their children's names would be "before they were even around."

10. Their daughter's personality is really starting to come out.

Eric couldn't stop gushing about his baby girl. "She's at the age where she's so aware and she's picking things up very fast. She's like a spitting image of me but her mannerisms are Jess to a T — just miss thang and makes you laugh all the time." The photo above certainly proves she's a spitting image of Dad.

11. Vivi's excited for a baby brother.

Even though they know it'll be a whole new challenge, the entire family is excited for baby number two. "Vivi already knows the idea of a baby brother," Eric says. "She kisses Jessie's belly all the time." Awww. That's going to be one happy, well dressed family at the beach.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube