18 Amazing Tattoos People Got For Their Mothers, For Your Mother's Day Inspiration — PHOTOS

A PSA to my fellow procrastinators: Mother's Day is May 11, which happens to be a whopping two days away. If you've run out of mother's day gift ideas, trust me, you're not alone. I was like ~this close~ to just getting my mom another derpy Shih Tzu to add to her puppy brood, but I figured she'd scooped enough poop for one lifetime. (Mom, if you're reading this, LOVE YOU.) I eventually found a gift, but hey, if you're totally out of ideas, you can always take page out of the book of these tattoos people got for their mothers. Why just say "I love you" when you can get it permanently inked for life?

In case you're in need of further inspiration, I've gone ahead and rounded up some particularly winning ones that the internet has to offer. What is even more stunning than the tattoos, though, are the extremely personal and beautiful stories behind them all. They are truly a testament to the complexity and uniqueness of everyone's relationship with their mothers. True, some moms don't like tattoos, so maybe this form of expression isn't the best choice for everyone—but for those of you who are eager to ink some mom-love onto yourself this Mother's Day, here are a few #MomTattooGoals you can peruse:

1. Matching bird's feet

Emma Stone and her mom got matching tattoos of a bird's feet on their wrists, inspired by the Beatles song "Blackbird, after her mother's cancer went into remission. Paul McCartney himself designed the artwork and sent it to them for the tattoo.

2. A mother-daughter symbol

3. "You are my sunshine"

4. Sound waves


The Imgur user who uploaded it said it was the sound waves from the last voicemail his mother sent him.

5. Breast cancer ribbon

6. Sunflower

7. Love you always

8. Handwriting tattoo


"Wanted to share my new tattoo in memory of my mother that died in November," said the Imgur user who uploaded it. "This is her handwriting and her own words."

9. Hope

10. Mother/Daughter in Elvish

11. "What a wonderful world"

12. Madre

13. Kisses

14. "No matter what you do"

15. Birth date

16. Mini mom

17. Portrait

18. Matching quotes

Images: zsofineudhardt/Instagram