What Will Happen On 'The Fosters' Season 3?

It's been a long, lonely few months without The Fosters on ABC Family. Especially when the fate of one of Stef and Lena's children is hanging in the balance, making the future of all of the series' character very unclear. The Fosters Season 3 will premiere on June 8 and, hopefully, the answers to many of our questions will be revealed. But, Jesus' fate aside, there are a handful of other storylines that The Fosters needs to pick back up in Season 3. So, what can we predict for our favorite characters based on Fosters Season 3 spoilers?

The one thing we can't forget about The Fosters is that it shows no fear when addressing its challenging storylines. So, we have to assume that the series will hit the ground running with its Season 3 premiere and not stop until we're all ugly-crying and finally start 'shipping Brallie (even though they're tragically flawed as a couple). And, while these predictions are part-what we're hoping for and part-justified by what internet spoilers have hinted, the one thing we know for certain is that none of The Fosters' main characters will be unchanged when the series returns in June. Here are 6 predictions for The Fosters Season 3 that'll, undoubtably, push Callie, Jude, and the rest of the Foster family out of their comfort zones.

Jesus Won't Die

We know for sure that Jake T. Austin will not be returning to The Fosters as a series regular in Season 3, but that doesn't mean he needs to die in the Season 2 finale's car crash. Sure, the series has featured a death before — Stef's father back in Season 1 — but killing off one of the children just seems to be a little too far for this series. Maybe Jesus will actually go to that boarding school he spoke so highly of — either way, The Fosters has options for this character that don't include death.

Brandon & Callie Will Finally Get Over It

FINALLY. Callie needs a new love interest and Brandon really needs to find a new muse at Idyllwild so these two can move on with their lives.

Lena's Father Will Talk Some Sense Into Her

The Fosters Season 2 was incredibly hard on Lena — she suffered a late-term miscarriage, her marriage with Stef started to collapse when she pushed to have a baby, she faced trouble at work, and now she's kissing someone that's not Stef. Season 3 casting spoilers revealed that Lena's father has been recast with Bruce Davison (he was previously played by Stephen Collins), which means that he's coming back into the picture after some time. Is it possible that he'll have advice for his daughter that teetering on the edge of starting an affair? If anything, Davison might turn up to help the family deal with the aftermath of the accident.

Jude & Connor Will Get The Acceptance They Deserve

Please, ABC Family gods, PLEASE let these two finally feel comfortable with their feelings. It's been such a long and difficult road for Jude and Connor, they truly deserve a chance at being happy together whether it be as friends or romantically.

The Quinns & The Fosters Will Become One, Big, Happy Family

This might be wishful thinking on my part, but wouldn't it be nice for Callie to have her cake and eat it too in this situation? Robert Quinn seems to be moving in the right direction now that he's signed the papers and given Callie the opportunity to be adopted — for real — by the Fosters. And, if we're being completely honest here, Sophia could use a friend like Mariana to bring her self-esteem up.

We Won't Be Able To Forget The Season 2 Finale Car Crash

Even if Jesus survives the crash, no one will let that go anytime soon. I mean, Mariana was also in the crash and if Jesus dies and she lives, we're in for a truly tragic and tear-jerking start to Season 3. It'll obviously take an emotional toll on Stef and Lena — whose marriage is currently hanging by a thread anyway — and it's absolutely weigh heavily on Mariana, Callie, and Jude as well. If I were them, I'd definitely fall into a selfish moment of asking myself, "Why do these bad things keep happening to us?"

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