Reactions To Mhairi Black's Win Are Filled With Excitement For The 20-Year-Old MP

Twenty can be an unremarkable age for many; we're busy straddling the fence between our teenage years and the beginnings of a terrifying adulthood. But one 20-year-old achieved an incredible feat on Thursday, beating out a veteran Labour party heavyweight to take the Paisley and Renfrewshire South seat and became Britain's youngest lawmaker since 1667. Mhairi Black's astounding win naturally elicited mixed responses, mostly regarding her age.

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) obtained a historic landslide victory in this general election, sweeping 56 of 59 seats in Scotland from a mere six in the last one. That stunning progress is mostly attributed to the last year's Scottish independence referendum that piqued many Scots' political interest. Black, who has zero political experience, was among those whose strenuous campaigning for Scottish independence ultimately resulted in her running against, then beating out, Labour politician Douglas Alexander who was also the party's campaign chief.

The SNP's win is huge, but Black was the undisputed darling of the media. There are already multiple profiles on the university student, who will graduate with a degree in Politics and Public Policy from the University of Glasgow this year. Twitter predictably blew up in frenzied excitement and doses of skepticism — most pointed to her colorful tweets from the past — from more pessimistic users.

And from Black herself, a short, sweet response to her win thanking her constituents.