The Song In The DeLeon Tequila TV Spot Is Fire

There's a bundle of DeLeón Tequila ads that've taken over commercial breaks, and one out of said bundle has REALLY stuck with me. In one of the TV spots for Sean “Diddy” Combs’s tequila, a lightbulb swings in a darkened room, illuminating a bottle of liquor and drink glass. As hypnotizing as the imagery is, it’s the music that has my attention in a vise grip: The song in the DeLeón Tequila advertisement is “Hear the Bells” by English musician Naomi Scott. It can be found on 2014 release Invisible Division, the 22-year-old singer/actress’ debut EP.

The first time I saw the ad, it was during a Mad Men commercial break. My mind went all Don Draper-in-a-pitch-meeting: Imagine yourself in a dark room. No, this not a darkroom where you develop film and hook up with a photographer [stares at Stan Rizzo]. It’s a pitch black room. You hold your hand in front of your face and you cannot see it. “What am I doing?” you ask yourself out loud. “Why did I come here?”

But before you can let the darkness consume you, a lightbulb appears. As it swings back and forth, it looks like fireflies hitched a ride on a pendulum. And then, you see it. The moment the decadent orb drink stopper comes into view, you remember why you chose to enter this void: There is a bottle of DeLeón Tequila. It was all worth it. You slowly approach, as not to startle it. You notice what may or may not be a lone stiletto heel. The lightbulb continues to oscillate. DeLeón Tequila. Hashtag the next level.

OK, that’s enough of that. This song is the heat:

What a jam. I am so glad DeLeón showed me the light (har har).

Image: iSpot.tv