Who Killed Toby's Mom? 4 'Pretty Little Liars' Suspects Who Could Have Done The Deed

There are so many deaths on Pretty Little Liars that sometimes it's hard to keep up with just who might be responsible for killing whom. From Garrett Reynolds to Mrs. DiLaurentis, we've seen a whole lot of people die at the hands of maybe-A, but there's one person whose death has remained mostly cloaked in mystery. We still don't know who killed Toby's mother, Marion Cavanaugh, and it doesn't seem like anyone is trying all that hard to find out, given that the A agenda is now top priority. But just because we found out that Charles is A doesn't mean that Marion's story needs to stop — in fact, Marion's story might be directly connected to this whole A game. The only question here is, how?

Something happened to Marion in Radley Sanitarium, and I doubt it was an accidental slip off of a ledge. I think someone caused Marion's death, and that the person might be connected to Charles — if not Charles himself. There are plenty of people who could have killed Marion, but these Pretty Little Liars characters are definitely the shadiest. Here's who tops the list of murder suspects and how they might be connected to Marion.


Big A is the most obvious suspect for any and all murders on Pretty Little Liars, but there's more than that to suggest that he's Marion's killer. If Charles really is Jason's twin brother (or even a DiLaurentis kid in general) then there has to be some reason for his disappearance. The most obvious answer? That Charles went to Radley, which seems to be the place where most people who need a "vacation" from Rosewood go. If Charles really is dangerous (and if he's A, we know he's pretty damn dangerous) then he could have pushed Marion off the roof — perhaps because she "knew too much."


We haven't "met" Bethany yet (in a flashback or otherwise) but we do know one very important fact about her: she was a blonde patient at Radley. Why is this important? Well, for one thing, Dr. Palmer, Marion's psychiatrist, told Toby to tell his mother to "stay away from the blonde girl," because she was dangerous. Could Bethany and Marion have been on the roof together, and Bethany have pushed Marion off? It would explain Bethany's drawings of a woman falling from a roof...


Wren might be the shadiest character in all of Rosewood. He's always around, macking on underage girls and inserting himself into the lives of the liars with seemingly no reason. And, obviously, he's connected to Radley — he began working there around the time that Mona was a patient. But what if that wasn't Wren's only connection to the sanitarium? Wren has mentioned a family member with mental illness, and there's a chance that person could be someone who stayed in Radley. What if Wren is a brother or even a former boyfriend of Bethany, and was around the day that Marion was on the roof? He could have been responsible for Marion's death, which might explain some of his sketchy behavior towards Toby in the past.

Cece Drake

For everything we know about Cece, we also know so little. Is she firmly on Ali's side, or can she be bought? Did she really kill Detective Wilde? And if she did, why? Our lack of real knowledge about Cece suggests that perhaps she spent some time of her own in Radley. Could Cece have been the blonde girl Marion should stay away from? After all, Bethany's hardly the only blonde girl we've seen on this series — and all of them seem mighty shady.

Here's hoping that we find out what really happened to Marion in Season 6. Toby needs closure, and we do, too.

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