You'll Have To Wait A Long Time For Theresa Caputo

If you're anything like me, you like to emotionally ruin yourself by watching Long Island Medium on TLC. By that, I mean: I'm having a great day, decide to throw on some TV, "Oh look, Long Island Medium is on," cry, cry, cry, the end. Why do I do that to myself? Because watching Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium , change some of these people's lives is really incredible. If you, yourself, has lost someone and wanted to reconnect, you might have thought about booking an appointment with Theresa, and in that case, I hope you have a calendar that runs through the decade, because it's going to be a while.

Obviously, Theresa Caputo is in high demand since her show has become such a household name. Before Long Island Medium even started showing, Theresa's wait list for appointments was exponentially long. Like, you might even forget you signed up for an appointment, long. But that's not the only option of getting a reading with Theresa, so there still is hope. If you were thinking this was like making an appointment to get your teeth cleaned, where you can just swing by the dentist a week later, you're very, very wrong. No one wants to go to the dentist. Everyone wants to go to Theresa Caputo. Here are your options.

The Private Session Wait List Is Bananas

Hold on to your heavily hairspray'ed hair, people. Because I'm a relatively pragmatic person, I don't really think Theresa Caputo is actually going to walk up to me while I'm produce shopping and start telling me about the spirits around me. So I would need to sign up for her wait list, which is the next best thing after an impromptu appointment next to avocados. Unfortunately, Theresa was booked for two years before the show started airing, so I can only imagine the wait list has at least doubled now that the show has been on for some time. Even if her wait list was two years long, that's a crazy amount of time to wait for Theresa. Then again, is it?

Segway Off To One Of Her Shows, And Be Extra Spiritual

Theresa goes on tour around the country and performs in front of huge audiences. While you run the chance of not connecting with her and sitting there for a couple hours as she talks to the spirits of other attendees, there is a chance you could have a really loud spirit who is screaming at her to connect you two. It's not as crazy as it seems, I have a friend who it happened to, and tickets to her shows are probably a lot cheaper than a private reading (tickets range from $40 to $90).

So if you're willing to wait a few seasons of Scandal to meet Theresa in person, sign up for a meeting, and cross your fingers you get an appointment. And as you move forward in life, may your hair be hardened by hairspray, and may your surrounding spirits be so loud, Theresa can't ignore them.

Images: TLC; Giphy (2)