9 Times Tina Fey Made Herself Look Silly To Make Everyone Laugh, Because Stripping On Letterman Wasn't The First Time

On Thursday night, while the world tuned in to The Late Show expecting interviews and a couple of chuckles, Tina Fey bid farewell to Dave Letterman by stripping the dress right off her back and handing it to him as a present. I thought I got all the obsessing and worship out of my system, but it seems now like that isn't quite the case. I thought I'd gotten my fix by just marveling at the balls of a woman who would strip down to her bra, leotard contraption, and Spanx, but I didn't quite do it. And I think it's because this isn't a rare thing for Fey, to risk looking dumb for a joke. She cares so little what people think, and commits so hard to her bits, that you can't help but laugh at them and gain a little more respect for her in the process.

Because how else are you supposed to feel about a 44 year old woman who will get down to her not-the-most-attractive skivvies just to make us laugh? With "BYE DAVE!" over the crotch and "#Last Dress Ever" over the butt? She's one of the most badass women in the game right now, and I say that with the utmost love and admiration. So in celebration of this unapologetic broad, here are nine other times she went balls-out in pursuit of a joke.

When She Looked Like This For A 30 Rock Episode

Only a truly confident human writes a role for themselves on their own TV show that leaves them looking like this.

When She Gave Zero Effs About Offending Taylor Swift At The Golden Globes

If anyone was going to get mad at us, I thought it would be James Cameron. I did not see that one coming. It was a joke, and it was a lighthearted joke. And it's a shame that she didn't take it in the crazy-aunt spirit in which it was intended.

You won't get any half-hearted apologies out of this powerhouse. You like it or you don't, and it's a shame if you don't.

When She Took It One Step Further By Poking Fun At Swift

comedynerdstuff on YouTube

Did you hear her tell Amy Poehler that there's "a special place in hell" for her after she won her Golden Globe? Well, that's a direct reference to Swift saying that there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women, and Fey risked the ire of Swifties everywhere by saying it. (Personally, I love her for it.)

When She Poked Fun At Herself And Her Show's Lukewarm Reception In Germany

Brittney Klatte on YouTube

Again, she doesn't mind looking stupid, so she will take it there every time.

When She Gave Feminists Everywhere The Perfect Mantra

Whenever someone says to me, 'Jerry Lewis says women aren't funny', or 'Christopher Hitchens says women aren't funny', or 'Rick Fenderman says women aren't funny... Do you have anything to say to that?'Yes. We don't f***ing care if you like it.

That's from Bossypants , but I'll be using it everywhere and in every situation, please and thank you.

When She Insisted She Can Have It All

Again, please feast your eyes on a scene that Fey wrote for herself, scarfing down a sandwich at an airport like a goblin person to prove she can have it all. Where do I sign to make her my official role model?

When She Described Her Daughter As A Sociopath

There's a lot of pressure to be the perfect parent, so it's really telling that Fey is so comfortable with herself and her family that she doesn't mind sharing stories about her youngest daughter Penelope being... a complete sociopath.

When This Was One Of Her Costumes While Hosting The Golden Globes

You can keep your Spanx-and-gown-clad celebs. This is the only perfect angel fallen from heaven that I'll ever need.

When She Owned Her Facial Hair

Once, to make things up to Jenna on 30 Rock, Liz let the hair on her upper lip grow back in. Can't imagine any other lady on television who would let us see her like this, even though C'MON GUYS WE ARE ALL WAXING THINGS OFF OF OUR FACES ALL THE TIME STOP DENYING IT.

Images: Giphy (5); NBC