How Much Should I Tip For A Haircut? Here's A Quick Rule Of Thumb To Remember

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting your hair done, walking to the register to pay, and not knowing how much to tip for a haircut. Especially when you don’t have cash and they ask you in front of everyone, “So, how much would you like to add on the credit card for a tip?”

Tipping for hair is tricky, and a little more complicated than say, a nail appointment, because you generally visit the same stylist over and over again, meaning: if you are stingy, they are going to remember it. Not to mention, if you’re anything like me, you eventually develop an almost friendship with your stylist, and you want to treat your friends, right?

That mentality is all good and well until you’re presented with a hefty tab for your head of highlights or fresh cut. When you’re already dolling out your hard earned money, you don’t want to give any more than is necessary. But this is also a service, after all, so you don’t want to be cheap, either.

To save you from any hair salon counter paying awkwardness, here’s the rule of thumb: 20 percent is a good baseline. If your stylist squeezed you in at the last minute, did a complicated procedure like corrective color, went above and beyond, or you were late for your appointment — then you might want to consider tipping more. If you didn't like your service, talk to the manager or stylist about getting it corrected before leaving a lesser tip, but tip at least 10% regardless.

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