Here's How Much You Should Tip at Your Next Beauty Appointment

There's always that awkward moment at the end of a beauty appointment where you find yourself fumbling through your wallet, trying to figure out how much you should tip while your aesthetician or stylist waits politely nearby. I recently read an article by Wall Street Cheat Street about the "right amount to tip" in different situations, from hotels to bars, and it got me thinking about how confusing it can be to calculate gratuity at beauty appointments alone.

We've all faced these conundrums: should I tip more for a pedicure than a manicure? Can I tip my hair stylist the same amount for a dye job as I would a hair cut? What's a standard tip for a Brazilian?! Tipping can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Here's our guide to tipping at your next beauty appointment.

At the Nail Salon

A standard tip for a manicurist is 15 percent, which means you should be tipping $3 for a $20 manicure. If it's a quick, regular manicure (not gel, not acrylics), this seems fair, but certainly on the lower side of tips. If you've developed a relationship with your manicurist or received what you thought to be an exceptional manicure, it's a good idea to tip at least 20 percent, if not more. If you got a pedicure, you should tip at least 20 percent, too — think about what she just did with your feet! And if you had the same nail technician do your hands and toes, don't skimp out the tip — pay what you would if you had two separate people do it.

At the Hair Salon

No matter what you're getting, be it a quick trim or a full on ombre, you should always give your hair stylist at least 20 percent. Of course, there are certain factors that can affect this: if it's your first time, you can get away with tipping the standard 15 percent. However, if you're a regular customer and you've gotten to know your hair stylist, you should be tipping 20-25 percent. Don't forget to tip a little bit more during the holidays.

At the Blow Dry Bar

It's a good idea to tip your stylist 20 percent at your blow dry bar. If you got some sort of Groupon or Lifebooker deal, you should still tip 20 percent of what a regular blowout would've cost you.

At the Bikini Wax Salon

Oh, bikini waxing. God bless these aestheticians' souls. You should always be generous when tipping after a Brazilian or a bikini wax. Don't go below 20-25 percent.

At the Brow/Lash Bar

If you're getting a quick clean-up around your brows, 15 percent is okay. However, if you're getting them shaped or tinted, you should tip 20 percent. For eyelash extensions or lash perms, tip 20-25 percent. Think about how much attention to detail and time goes into those services!

At the Spa

For facials, peels or massages, you should tip your spa specialist 20-25 percent. If you feel like you had an even better treatment than usual, go ahead and tip more. It's never a bad idea to be generous!