21 Rings For Your Pointer Finger That Are So Cute, They'll Make Your Other Fingers Jealous

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Layering rings may seem easy, but getting that balanced look between all your bling across your fingers can be trickier than it seems. When in doubt, start off simple with a ring on your pointer finger. Whether they’re dainty pieces or chunky rings, it’s time to show those pointer fingers of yours some special attention this summer. These rings are very diverse as they can range from cute to classy and everything in between, making them perfect for any occasion. Dress them up with other rings or go casual with just one. And when you're ready, you can eventually learn the art of stackable rings and layer like a pro.

Here are 21 rings for your pointer finger that are so cute, they'll make your other fingers jealous.

Image: Revo_Style/Instagram

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