'The Notebook's Lessons On Dating & Love

If I went into full detail about how much I love, love, LOVE the movie The Notebook, this post would quickly turn into a full-blown novella. Thus, I'm going to give you the cliff notes version: I freaking love The Notebook. Kisses in the rain have always been hailed as an ideal for amping up romance in television and movie scenes, but the 2004 film — starring Ryan Gosling (squee!) and Rachel McAdams (another squee!) — catapulted the much-regaled rain-soaked make-out scene into award winning territory. Remember when the two reenacted said kiss at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards? So. Many. Feels.

Still, it wasn't all melodrama and soggy kisses in The Notebook — far from it! Weaved within the fabric of this cinematic masterpiece (yes, I am calling it a masterpiece because that's exactlywhat it is! Duh.) were a slew of lessons in love and dating that we can all apply to our modern-day lives. For example: don't send letters when you want to have a serious discussion with someone. Seriously, just don't do it. The letter could get lost in the mail, or your girlfriend/boyfriend could have a disapproving mother that is super annoying but also contributes exponentially to the plot — you know, the usual. Without further adieu, let's take a walk down a road marked "nostalgia" and look at the different dating lessons The Notebook taught us.

You Need To Have Serious Convos In Person

Seriously guys, we need to start talking things out in person. I know texting is where it's at right now, but what if the person's phone is dead? Or they would simply rather you convey your feelings without the assistance of emojis?

Don't Ever Stop Being Silly

My most treasured moments in dating are those where me and [insert guy's name here] were comfortable enough with each other to let our inner goofballs out.

Be True To Yourself

As cliched as this is going to sound (or read, rather), you can't fit a square into a circle. It doesn't matter how much your friends love who you're dating, or how well he/she gets along with your parents, or whatever pressures are being put on your relationship. The person that has the ultimate opinion on whether or not your relationship is right for you is you. In other words, don't ignore those "gut feelings." And don't feel bad about them either.

Dance Even If You're A Bad Dancer

This kind of goes along with the whole "don't stop being silly" thing if you happen to be a bad dancer. I, for one, am a terrible dancer, and nothing has inspired more giggles — and fun times — than tripping over both feet with a boyfriend (most of them have been terrible dancers too). If you and the proverbial apple of your eye happen to be amazing dancers, then congrats. Go rock out some dance classes together for an unconventional day date.

Don't Lie Down In The Middle Of The Road

I know it looked romantic in the movie, but remember when that car came speeding toward them? Safety first, guys.

Take Chances

Love can be scary. Trust me, I know. You know what's worse, though? Regrets. As someone that practically obtained a Masters Degree in fearing rejection (I don't think any actual degree with that focus exists, but you get the point), I understand it can be beyond anxiety-inducing to take the risk of falling for someone who can't reciprocate. But, hey, every bad experience can bring lessons that move us closer to a good — nay, great — experience in romance.

Rain Is Equivalent To Romance

If The Notebook taught us anything, it's that a torrential downpour can really make the sparks fly. Although I've found kisses to be rather uncomfortable when I'm abysmally soggy (cold wet clothes are the worst, am I right?) Gosling may have me changing my tune on the whole thing.

Arguments Happen & It's OK

We all dread that "first argument," but then once you both resolve it, you realize disagreements don't equate to a relationship imploding. Arguments happen and that is OK.

When Romance Fails, Pizza Is There

OK, this wasn't even a lesson from the actual movie, but I simply can't resist this Gif. And it's true: pizza is amazing. And yes, pizza, I do "want all of you. Forever. You and me. Everyday."

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