Kappa Deltas Use Yik Yak to Spread Positivity, And It's Awesome

We didn't have Yik Yak when I was in college, but we had College ACB, which pretty much served the same purpose: people logging on anonymously to debate which frat or sorority was the best, or to spread vicious gossip about other students. Like College ACB, Yik Yak is known for being a breeding ground for negativity, but that all changed one day at Highpoint University when sisters of Kappa Delta took over Yik Yak to spread positive messages. If you need a warm and fuzzy story to help get you through finals, this one just might be it.

Total Sorority Move reported that Kappa Delta sister Katie O'Sullivan got the idea to use Yik Yak for good, and urged her sisters to do the same. Soon, tons of positive and encouraging messages like, "Your mistakes do not define you!!" and "Find beauty in the small things" flooded the "hot" page at High Point University. Another Kappa Delta said that their positivity stayed up for hours, even confusing some Yik Yakkers who weren't accustomed to seeing people actually say nice things. One user wrote, "Wait, I'm confused. Why is everybody so cheery today??"

But the kind words didn't just keep the usual negativity at bay for a couple hours; they actually had a positive effect on the students who logged in. Another user said, "All of these positive yaks are giving me hope that I can pull through...thank you."

Even though the power of anonymity can tend to bring out the worst in people, it's awesome to see that the Kappa Deltas turned it around and used it for good. I feel like there's something special about getting a compliment or uplifting message from a total stranger, because you know what they're saying is sincere. Maybe the secret to surviving your finals is to give encouragement to people you don't know?

As a sorority woman myself, it makes me proud to see the KD sisters joining together to do something good. It's proof that, even though Greek Life organizations have been getting a lot of (deserved) flak lately, their members are capable of bringing about positive changes for their community, no matter how small.

Now I'm getting nostalgic. I might just go put on a letter shirt and some pearls and go buy a bunch of pink carnations. And then sit alone on my computer and stalk all my college pictures, because I'm super cool.


Images: Kappa Delta at High Point University / Facebook; Giphy