12 Books That'll Make You Better In Bed

We'd all love to be our best, most confident selves — in bed and out. But the truth is that everyone has their baggage and hangups. Some of us are insecure because of prior scenarios in relationships, or simply due to being in untried waters. If you feel this way, you're 100 percent not alone. Wipe the sweat from your brow.

What that all boils down to? It means that not all of us are as good in bed as we'd like to be.

The nice thing, however, is that many of the aspects of the mating game are a skill, and can be taught, nurtured, or improved. So like with any life skill we desire improving, the answer may be to study. That's right — you can turn to books! Read up on some of these titles below to get tips, tricks, and peeks into the psychology behind what drives your sex drive, and you may find the way you approach what happens between the sheets can shift in ways you never imagined. Okay, sure, there's no practice like real action, so you'll have to test out anything you learn, but these will give you a whole bunch of new ideas to mull over!

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan

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A lot of how we relate to each other — in bed and out — is all about human nature. This book delves deep into the science behind our interactions, using spins on conventional wisdom to show us how to be better at loving — and better lovers while we're at it.

Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Gay Talese

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In the era before AIDS, we all looked at sexual freedom just a touch differently. Thy Neighbor's Wife gives a window into a world of freedom of sexual expression, the porn industry growing roots, swingers, and so much more that society tells us to shun — but so many of us are so curious about. Give in to that instinct, and you may learn a great deal about your own desires.

The Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana

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The Kama Sutra has reached cult status, but how many of us have actually taken the time to read its hallowed pages? This is an ancient text, originally in Sanskrit, that shares the art of lovemaking and its connection not only to pleasure, but spiritual enlightenment.

She Comes First by Ian Kerner

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Because oral sex success is a cornerstone of really passionate nights, this book is a closer look — a tutorial — of how to be better at pleasing a woman, starting orally. Both techniques and philosophies will make this book an instant bible for anyone committed to the cause! You may even figure out something you didn't know you wanted.

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire

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Maybe bad girls don't have to be the ones having more fun. This book suggests being good in bed isn't about being naughty. You can follow "the rules" and still give and receive pleasure with your partner. Good girls may finish first after all.

The Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannides

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Sex guides don't have to be heavy-handed and clinical. They can be fun and interesting even while being informative. And if they're illustrated? Even better. The Guide to Getting It On touches upon nearly every topic you can imagine. Not bad.

The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin

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This text analyzes many stories of sexual encounters, by means of demonstrations of how we can make our own relationships and encounters that much more explosive. Sometimes overcoming our hindrances and problems is simply a matter of examining our situation from a new, fresh perspective.

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman

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The first-ever sex guide written for women by women for the sexual passion between women (phew!), this is an amazing work for if you want to kick your sex life up a few notches and are looking for creative ideas!

The Santangelos by Jackie Collins

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Jackie Collins' latest steamy summer blockbuster really turned up the heat with some hot and explicit sex scenes sprinkled throughout the book. If you didn't think fiction could inspire anyone to be a better lover, you're about to be proven wrong.

Screwing the Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love by Laurel House

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We shouldn't play games in relationships, but we should absolutely strategize. House recommends dating smartly and purposefully, and in this book she discusses how to work on yourself first, figure out what you need, and then get the partner that will best fit your best version of you. (And keep him or her!)

Partners in Passion by Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson

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The co-authors of this work, a couple, are two teachers of tantric love and sex. They use their experience to illustrate the beauty of "giving and receiving" — in love, life, and in sex. They also discuss situations like open relationships and swinging, and how to know if this is the choice for your own relationship.

The Little Book of Kink by Jess O'Reilly, Ph.D.

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Crave a little bit more kink in your life? Celebrity sexologist Dr. Jess shares how to begin to add some kink to your lifestyle, in a way a lot more real than anything you saw in Fifty Shades . Whether your thing is bondage, role playing, or just much hotter blow jobs, this is a must-read book.

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