Leslie Jones On 'SNL' Weekend Update Will Make You Want To Befriend Her And Never Cross Her On Facebook

Leslie Jones, you magnificent human being. I don't know what I would do without your relationship advice. I'd do just about anything for you to host an entire show of just your personal experience in the love department to guide us mere humans who don't know what the hell we're doing with relationships. On Weekend Update, Leslie Jones — the official SNL relationship expert — graced us with her presence to speak on relationships and social media. But it somehow turned into a vent session for Jones, and you know what, I'm totally OK with that.

Jones, who is truly a break out star on SNL this season, has played the amazing relationship expert before on Weekend Update, but this time, she flipped the switch on Colin Jost and started speaking more about her own personal love life than anything else. According to Jost, one in seven couples breaks up because of behavior on social media. Jones' fix to that? Get off Facebook and start writing love letters. No one does that anymore, according to Jones (and Hallmark's plummeting sales in the recent years, I'd assume). Because no one writes love letters, Jones wanted to share her own personal love letters — to a "four-year-long booty call" — that she wrote.

It turns out "To Whom It May Concern," — he knows who he is — blocked Leslie Jones on social media. ARE YOU KIDDING ME "TWIMC"? You *blocked* her? Do you know who you're dealing with?

Jones shared a trio of letters regarding her situation with "TWIMC," the first two being to him and his heavy-handed block finger on The Book. The third letter was to herself, reminding herself that she is awesome, living in New York City, and working on Saturday Night Live. She doesn't need this guy and his dumb Facebook account.

Also, let the record show, Leslie, that I'd add you on Facebook and never block you. For this, my word is true.

Why won't I block Leslie Jones on social media? Well, first of all, it's Leslie Jones and she's incredible. Second of all, did you see how hostile she was about this guy blocking her? I'm not trying to cross her.