On Mother's Day, Moms Reveal The Lies They Told Their Children Growing Up, And Let's Just Say It Gets A Little Uncomfortable — VIDEO

Moms come in all sorts of beautiful and glorious shapes and sizes, but there's one thing they all seem to have in common — they don't always tell the truth. Whether it's something as simple as making sure you still believed in Santa Claus well into your tweens, or telling you your beloved cat Leo moved away to Hollywood to try to make it in showbiz after you noticed he wasn't around anymore (RIP, little guy), lies our mothers told us when we were younger run the gamut of sweet and innocent to downright traumatizing. That's why, with Mother's Day upon us, we decided to host a grand reveal and have our own moms fess up to some of their greatest fibs... and yeah, things got a little uncomfortable.

It's not that mom's a pathological liar bent on keeping her kids away from the truth at all costs. It's just that, sometimes, when you're a mega important, super busy lady raising children, the truth isn't as convenient as, say, spewing out a few harmless white lies. Where did your favorite Ernie doll go, you ask? Definitely not to Goodwill with an entire trash bag full of other toys you haven't played with in years! What's in that coffee mug you're always holding? Not wine, if that's what you're asking. Mom was always quick with the answers — even if they weren't always truthful.

Now that it's Mother's Day, that celebration of all things mom-related, it's time to get it all out in the open... even though there are some answers you just don't want to hear, no matter how old you get.

I'm not a mom — but when I asked mine to tell me some of the things she may not have been totally honest about, she spouted off the biggest lie of them all: "Oh honey, I never lied to you about anything."

Check out what our moms lied to us about below, and then, consider having a face-to-face confrontation with your own mother. It might seem initially mortifying to hear your mom's deepest, darkest secrets told out in the open, but it's also a pretty fun way to get to know the beautiful woman who raised you just a tad better.

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