Kids React To Wheatgrass Shots And Their Feels Are Completely Justified — VIDEO

As a mother, I love nothing more than giving my kids new and weird foods and watching their reactions. I assure you there is nothing funnier than watching a small human try lemon for the first time. The "Kids React" series from The Fine Bros gets me, and their latest video of children trying wheatgrass shots for the first time captures what we all know to be true: wheatgrass is completely, thoroughly disgusting.

I am a very healthy eater, and it's because I actually like the way "health food" tastes. I eat kale the way some people eat potato chips. Quinoa? More like quin-YES-a! Chia seeds? I put that shit on everything. So I assumed wheatgrass shots would be yet another delicious health food to add to my vitamin rich repertoire. Then I tried it and discovered that they taste like grass-stained sorrow and the Devil's own piss. I can only imagine this was concocted by masochistic Medieval monks who wanted to be reminded of the true meaning of suffering at breakfast every day.

So what did the kids themselves have to say?

Looks like...

"It looks like something a witch would cast as an evil potion."

Smells like...

"It smells like carrots mixed with throw up."

Feels like...

"It's kind of burning my esophagus."

Tastes like...

"It tastes like someone pooped in there and then put green slime in it."

Message to the person who fed it to them...

"You're a bad man!"

But you know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words...


All right, calm down, drama llama, it's not that bad.

Check out the whole, unvarnished truth about wheatgrass shots below

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