8 Things You Used To Write In Everyone's Yearbooks

Yearbook day was hands down one of the best days of the school year. Math class… why bother? It was more fun to search for photos of your friends all period — until the teacher ordered you to put your yearbook away, stop reading yearbook messages, and pay attention. But the best part was swapping and signing yearbooks at lunch and in between classes all week. You had to reference the funniest inside jokes in your best friend’s book, but it was equally important to have cool go-to messages for the rest of your peers… or at least they seemed cool when you were 13 or 14 years old. Now it’s pretty hilarious to look back at all the weird things we wrote in our classmates' yearbooks.

When coming up with a standard yearbook message, there were a few different approaches to take. You could keep it super simple and just sign your name, settle for a casual “Stay Cool,” come up with a funny rhyme, or write a lengthy personal message. And let’s not forget the agony of deciding what to write in your crush’s yearbook! Whatever your default yearbook signature was, it’s probably on this list — and who knows, maybe the kids today are still recycling some of these oldies but goodies!

1. "Don't ever change."

Because you have to remain an acne-ridden teenager forever.

2. "LYLAS!"

Which every girl knows means, "Love ya like a sister!"

3. "You're my BFF&E"

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER... at least until you go to college and lose touch.

4. "UR 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten"

You'll have trouble recognizing this person at Target about five years from now.

5. A silly rhyme

Perhaps you'll remember this classic: "I am the clown that came to town to write in your yearbook upside down." So clever.

6. "Let's hang out this summer!"

Let's be real, if you have to write it in a yearbook, it's not gonna happen.

7. "Wish we could have gotten to know each other better!"

Clearly heartfelt, especially after four years of classes together.

8. Oh, and let's not forget this obnoxious one...

I I am I am writing I am writing this I am writing this in I am writing this in the I am writing this in the corner I am writing this in the corner of I am writing this in the corner of your I am writing this in the corner of your yearbook

Thanks for wasting my precious yearbook space, dude.

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