Mark Paul Gosselaar's 'People Are Talking' Looks Hilarious & Here's The Undeniable Proof — VIDEO

Anyone who was ever in love with Zach Morris on Saved By The Bell has likely been following Mark Paul Gosselaar's career ever since the '90s, and to be honest, he has never really disappointed. He tends to pick roles that are interesting and fun, the latest of which being his new NBC sitcom People Are Talking , which will become part of the network's new fall comedy lineup later this year. A trailer for the series was released this weekend, and it actually looks pretty good. Whether it'll find its footing with viewers remains to be seen, but after watching the first preview, I think it stands a decent chance.

People Are Talking follows the story of four friends — consisting of two couples who are also next door neighbors — who are young and hip and basically not afraid to talk about anything from race to whether or not the nanny hired by one of the couples for their young daughter is actually a porn star (all signs point to yes). Together, the foursome is always up for lots of fun and adventure, and no doubt they'll have it. Beyond that, we don't know too much, but that's okay — the trailer gives us enough to look forward to for now.

Race observations

In the opening scenes of the trailer, Gosselaar's character Mitch goes off on a valet attendant for assuming that the fancy car belongs to him, accusing the employee of being racist. The valet guy insists it's because of the John Mayer CD in the car and his friend Russell (Tone Bell) tries to move things along, comparing Mitch to Reverend Sharpton. Something tells me we've got a lot of interesting race plots coming up, which could be a good or a bad thing.


The foursome on the show are still young and while it's unclear how long they've known each other, it's clear they've built a strong and comfortable rapport. They're also products of the Internet age (at least by the time they hit their 20s), so they never run out of things to talk about... even if much of their talk at a certain point turns to rather interesting subject matter.


Okay, maybe I'm over-selling it a bit to call this a mystery, but there's a huge preoccupation in the beginning of the series in finding out whether the new babysitter also moonlights as a porn star. All signs point to yes, but the guys need to do a bit of research before they know for sure, of course.

A possible porn star

Is she? Isn't she? You get the drift. I imagine it won't take too long to figure this one out either way. And hey, what does it matter if she's got a side job? That doesn't preclude her from being a great babysitter, and she seems like a nice person!


I like a good friendship story as much as anyone, so it'll be good to see a group of buddies around my age and all the adventures they get into — and I'm sure there'll be plenty, if the trailer is anything to go by!

Check out the full preview for People Are Talking below and get excited!

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