10 Reasons Trisha Paytas' 'Fat Chicks' Music Video Is The Fat Positive Anthem We've All Been Waiting For

Fellow fat girls, I know we're used to seeing only thin women or women with curves in the "right" places being praised in music videos for their bodies, but the "Fat Chicks" music video is a refreshing change. Performed by YouTube personality Trisha Paytas, the song focuses on the many reasons why fat women are awesome and should be proud of their bodies.

Paytas herself has created many videos in the past on her channel surrounding topics of body image, with some such as "Your Body is Beautiful" and "Get Bikini Body Ready" garnering hundreds of thousands of views. She has even written a book called Curvy and Loving It to give "full-figured girls" a how-to guide for life. This isn't her first time speaking out in the name of body positivity, but this music video definitely takes her bold stance to another level.

Trisha Paytas not only performs "Fat Chicks," but she also wrote it. And who knew this controversial vlogger could sing? I think you'll be presently surprised by the quality of the song, as we all know how those with a large following often think their status automatically makes their singing talent something they should pursue professionally (think the Countess LuAnn from The Real Housewives of New York City). Paytas, however, seems to actually have some raw talent.

There are so many reasons to love this music video, but here are just 10 of its many highlights.

1. She Encourages Us To Shake It

One of the catchy lines in the chorus is, "Drop it low and shake that fat." Can you remember any song that has ever encouraged women to flaunt their fat when it wasn't related to "dat big booty?" So let's celebrate our curves and drop it low and shake our fat!

2. She Also Wants Us To "Show 'Em Why We Thick Like That"

Paytas also includes the line, "Show 'em why we thick like that," in the chorus of "Fat Chicks," which is another amazing anthem of body positivity. For once, we're not being told to hide our "thickness" but acknowledge its special jiggle powers instead.

3. She Addresses Thin Privilege

There are many scenes throughout the video that include thin people showing their distaste for Paytas and her fat body. What this is getting at is the acknowledgement of thin privilege, beyond just celebrating the bodies of fat women. Thin privilege (yes, it is real for those of you who are wondering) is the automatic entitlement thin people are granted in our society. Basically, it just means that being thin makes your life a little bit easier than those who are not.

4. Sexy Outfits Galore!

Paytas clearly isn't shy about showing off her fat and fabulous body (while wearing a very sexy outfit from Pinup Girl Clothing), which can be seen in her many wardrobe choices throughout the video. So many mainstream depictions of fat women involve them being hidden behind their wardrobe, completely covered up, but Paytas dresses in fun, flirty outfits throughout.

5. She Eats Without Apology

Paytas is depicted happily chowing down greasy fast food, which is an obviously symbolic "eff you" to fat shamers. And hey, although they're plenty sexy in their own right, it's not just skinny ladies who can make food look sexy.

6. She Dresses Up As Rosie The Riveter

One of her wardrobe choices involves a Rosie the Riveter-inspired ensemble for a photo shoot. Is this a signal of her feminism? Despite her controversial anti-feminist stance in the past, she seems to have come full circle. And it makes sense that she would, considering the patriarchy is a force behind body shaming, too.

7. She Embraces The Word Fat

In the song, Paytas sings, "Fat is just a label; one put onto us by others who can't handle all this wow, wow, wow. So I'll take that label and wear it." This music video is a shining example of reclaiming the word fat. Reclaiming words is something that is often done amongst marginalized groups, in order to take the stigma associated with them and make it a source of power. This also involves shifting the cultural understandings and usage of said word, in order to reframe it in a way that removes the oppression. This process is called re-appropriation and has been used in activism throughout history as a method of social change.

For example, the term "queer" used to be a derogatory homophobic slur, but has been reclaimed by the LGBTQ community. This video is doing this same thing for the word fat, which has been used against so many in effort to dehumanize others.

8. There Are Hot Guys With Food

Paytas features some attractive male talent in her video, who are all holding various yummy treats and looking hot while doing so. Their presence taps into the myth that thin men don't date or find fat women attractive, which is a stereotype that is often untrue. She's even fed grapes by one of these studs in a scene by the pool, which drives home this point even further.

9. She Rocks A Fatkini

Paytas wears a yellow polka-dotted fatkini in the video and I am obsessed with any fat woman who rocks one. Fat women wearing bikinis has started to become normal and mainstream, which is a huge win for all of us fuller-figured ladies who have been forced to wear shapeless one-pieces or swim skirts for our entire lives.

10. She Says It Like She Means It

Paytas makes a lot of bold statements in this video and doesn't apologize for a single one of them. You can see her confidence radiate through the screen, which is a refreshing change in the way fat women are represented. No, we're not all dying to be thinner or hiding in the shadows because we don't like our bodies; we're proud of who we are.

These are just some of the ways that "Fat Chicks" is breaking barriers for fat women. To see even more, watch the music video for yourself to see exactly how awesome it is.

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Images: Trisha Paytas/YouTube