9 Coconut Oil Shirts That'll Properly Express Your Love For Natural Ingredient That Does Literally Everything

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Coconut oil is the absolute best, so why not express your love for it on a shirt? You can use coconut oil for literally anything — bake with it, cook with it, put it in your hair, remove your makeup with it, use it as shaving cream, do some oil pulling... the list is basically endless. It's a miracle ingredient that every girl should have in their kitchen cabinets, and if you don't love it, I just don't really know what to say.

If you're as obsessed with coconut oil as I clearly am, then there's no reason you can't wear your love on your clothes. This versatile item is now so trendy that it's definitely not weird to see the words splashed across the front of a T-shirt. From pricier, celeb-favored shirts to DIY Etsy versions, there are a bunch of options out there that coconut oil addicts will absolutely love. These 9 coconut oil inspired shirts are awesome — and you need to buy at least one of them.

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