Kim & Kendall Enjoy Impromptu Tea Party On 'KUWTK'

Forget about choosing a sparkly zoo animal sticker from the roll at the reception desk after enduring a tetanus shot; doctor's office tea parties are where it's at. Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians taught me something very maaaaaaj: If you accompany someone to a cellulite-and-stretch marks removal appointment, you will be treated to a rolling cart loaded up with tea and an assortment of decadent cookies. Commoner that I am, I did not know laser treatment tea trays (say that 20 times fast!) were a thing. The glamour of it all! (Don't tell me that the laser treatment tea tray isn't a regular thing. Don't tell me it was for the E! cameras. Don't crush my brand new dream.)

At the beginning of the ep, Khloe went to a laser doctor. The reason for the visit: The youngest Kardashian sister wanted the doctor to laser away cellulite and stretch marks. Supportive siblings that they are, Kendall and Kim not only met Khloe at the doctor's office, but they hung out in the laser room for the entirety of the procedure. At first, everything was par for the course: Lasers flashed, the sisters wore protective glasses, and Kim joked about Khloe's butt being too big for some dress. Klassic Kardashian banter!

But then, things became un-par for the course: A woman in a lab coat wheeled in high tea for Kim and Kendall to nosh on. Suddenly, Kendall and Kim's corner of the laser room was a tea party. I thought I was seeing things. I thought the green flashes of light that continued to emit from the laser had addled my brain. What kind of Mad Hatter hallucination is this?

But it wasn't a hallucination. It was very real. Kendall and Kim were getting their snack on like a pair of royals while their sister's bare butt was zapped at a mere few feet away.

Wow. If chowing down on madeleine cookies while lasers do laser things right next to you isn't what life is all about, I don't know what is.

Image: E!