Why Was Robert Killed On 'The Royals'

Well things just went from bad to worse for the royals family on E! Network's hit series The Royals . Aside from dealing with Cyrus' reign as Prince Regent, finding out she's definitely not Simon's son, and as usual dealing with her terrible mother, Eleanor also discovered that her elder brother Robert did not die during a military accident as was originally described to her and Liam when they found out about his death. He was murdered. And Eleanor heard this news straight from the horse's mouth: The guy in the hood who is currently suspected of killing King Simon. Now we don't currently know much about the guy in the hood for the time being, but we do know that he visited Eleanor after she went to the hospital to see Simon and he asked to meet him so he could give her more information about Robert's death before he revealed himself as the killer. Hopefully what the hooded man plans to reveal next is why Robert had to be murdered in the first place.

Now we do know that not everyone knows how Robert died at the moment, or at least if they do know they're not giving that information up. Eleanor originally confronted her mother about everything that had been happening and accused her of killing Robert before Queen Helena revealed that Robert killed himself. But to be honest, I'm finding it much easier to believe the guy in the hood over Helena.

So why did Robert get murdered? There is one majorly obvious theory: Someone wanted him out of the picture to get closer in line to the throne. And that someone is most likely Cyrus. Aside from being one of the worst humans in the history of television, Cyrus has already on multiple occasions threatened members of the royals family with force either verbally or physically. Remember in the first episode alone when he almost shot his brother while they were hunting? He said it was an accident, but come on people! There's just no way. Plus he just secured himself as Prince Regent by revealing that Liam and Eleanor are not Simon's biological children.

But there are other options as to why Robert was murdered. Theory 2: He could have seen something while in the military that he should not have and he was caught. Perhaps he reported some illegal activity while on the military based, but what he didn't realize is how far up the chain this malfeasance really went. So maybe his investigation into the crime went too deep and he was killed because he could not be silenced any other way. This cause of death could give the man in the hood the desire to tell Eleanor about what happened but not come clean in the public thanks to fear for his safety.

But there's one last theory as to why he was killed: Maybe Robert was hoping to take down the monarchy himself. Maybe it was his idea over King Simon's. If this theory is correct than my guess would be that Prince Robert knew someone in the anti-monarchy group (like its leader Nigel) and fell for the idea immediately. So he shared his opinions with Simon but before Robert could use the idea, someone killed him to keep the monarchy intact. That's why when Simon took the idea and ran with it by announcing it on wide television, he was attacked violently as well.

Either way, Eleanor should find out the truth soon enough if the guy in the hood is careful enough to stay alive until he can reveal these secrets. But considering the show's track records with people who try to do the right thing, circumstances don't usually work out in their favor. And they usually fail in a bloody, violent manner.

Images: Paul Blundell, Screenshot/E! Entertainment