6 Easy Tricks To Start Your Day Off Happy And Healthy

For some people, a great morning consists of rolling out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee, and heading out the door. Others prefer waking up early, fitting in a workout, and leisurely eating their breakfast while reading their morning news. Whether you like to wake up at the crack of dawn or utilize every last second of sleep, everyone wants a morning that's going to set their day on the right path.

Though everyone has a different routine, research has found that there are specific things you can first thing in the morning that will help you have a better day overall. Whether it improves your mood, how you feel physically, or your daily encounters, follow these six tips in the morning for a healthier and more pleasant rest of your day.

Think about what you're grateful for

Though it may not be in your first instinct to wake up and think about all the things you already have rather than what you want to accomplish for the day, acknowledging what you are thankful for can help you feel better both physically and and mentally. Studies have found that those who noted what they were grateful for on a weekly basis felt happier overall, experienced fewer physical symptoms, and even exercised more frequently.

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Have sex

Getting frisky when you wake up can do more for you than just spice up your sex life. Having sex in the morning releases endorphins and oxytocin, giving you energy and keeping you more cheerful throughout the day.


Eat breakfast

Some people love it and some people hate it, but studies have found that breakfast can have an impact on how well you focus throughout the day. Eating a balanced breakfast helps improve attention, memory, and reaction time, so be sure to fill up on that omelette to perform your best at work or in school.

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Listen to music

Blasting some tunes while you get ready in the morning can be fun, but it’s also a great mood-booster. Listening to upbeat music can help you feel happier and even make you feel less stressed.


Go to bed and wake up a little bit earlier

Even though it’s the most tempting thing in the world to continue hitting snooze, waking up early actually has its benefits. Studies have found that early-risers report being happier overall. Getting up early can help you be productive as well as more proactive about how your day will go.

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Take a quick walk outside

Taking a brief stroll in the morning is not only an easy way to fit in some quick exercise – which can boost your energy levels and productivity – but a great opportunity to spend a little time in nature. Studies have found that those who spend time walking in nature are less depressed, less stressed, and have a more positive attitude overall.

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