8 Literary Places In Paris Every Book-Lover Must Visit While She's There

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A dreamy Paris vacation is probably every girl's dream, but the glorious French capital seems to hold a particular sway for the lit-lovers among us. Its winding streets and cozy cafés have inspired some of the greatest minds in literary history, and given birth to many of our most treasured books. So, given that I love books as least as much as I love adventuring into uncharted territories of cheese, I was super-excited to bask in the literary glow of the City of Lights on a recent 10-day trip there. And while I wasn't literally whisked away to a midnight rendezvous with my Lost Generation idols à la Owen Wilson, I got into the spirit by toting my camera along to a few of the city's countless literary landmarks. If you're planning a bookish wander by the banks of the Seine — even if only in your imagination — here are some awesome places to start!

Images: Tania Strauss

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