This Running Shoe Hack Will Prevent Blisters

I know we're supposed to love and accept ourselves, flaws and all, and for the most part I am with you on that, society—with one exception. When I get blisters on my feet from running, they are so prolifically disgusting that I'm pretty sure even Sasquatch would swipe left on my Tinder profile. I've taken all the necessary precautions with powders and sweat-resistant socks in my distance running days of yore, but alas, I am no match for my own feet. That is, until Illumiseen shared this "Lace Lock" running shoe hack to prevent running blisters that is so simple and so beautiful that it brings a tiny tear to the blister currently chilling on my right foot.

To understand this hack, it's important to understand why we get running blisters in the first place. Aside from the fact that we're pounding the ground with a force three times that of our own weight every time our feet smack the ground, a lot of what causes blisters is the friction in your running shoe. We tend to wiggle around a bit even in the best-fitting running shoes, so we can all be victims of our melodramatic feet responding by producing a bunch of fluid, and along with it some of the most massive blisters the human race has ever seen.

There are a bunch of ways to prevent blisters, but it turns out the easiest one has been staring you in the face all along. You know how there are two holes in our running shoes for laces, near the tongue of the shoe? It turns out there is an extra one there for a reason. It can function as a lock that tightens your shoe on your foot in a very specific place to prevent further foot slippage.

Here are the basics on how the hack works:

1. Double loop each lace into the hole that is next to it

The right lace should go into the extra hole on the right, and the left one into the extra hole on the left.

2. Cross your laces into the other side's loop

The left lace should go into the loop that you made on the right side, and the right lace should go into the loop you made on the left side.

3. Tighten, and lace as usual

It's important when you tighten the laces to pull them down and toward you instead of pulling them out in separate directions, because this locks in the hold of the laces on your shoes.

Here's the full video explaining the process here:

Of course, there are other ways to go about prevent blisters, if you want to be extra vigilant. A few other tidbits:

1. Buy moisture-free socks

Socks made of synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture may be more expensive and heavier than cotton socks, but they are an investment well worth it. Extra moisture build-up from sweat makes your feet more likely to rub against wet socks and cause blisters.

2. Wear two socks at a time

EXTRA CREDIT: Wear ALL the socks. The friction will occur between the two socks, instead of between your foot and a sock.

3. Put Vaseline on your feet before you go for a run

It will basically act as a shield between your foot and the sock.

4. Make sure your shoes are actually right for your feet

I know, I know. This is an obvious one. But most running stores these days offer free consultations when you buy a shoe, and some will even put you on a treadmill to watch the way you run and evaluate the arch of your foot to get the best shoe for your stride. This is one surefire way to prevent blisters.

So that's it—go forth and enjoy your runs, blissfully blister-free.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy(5)