Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian Insane Mother's Day Gifts That Probably Made North's Macaroni Card Look Like Crap — PHOTOS

Well, thanks for blowing up your 1-year-old daughter's gift-giving spot, DAD. Kanye West showered Kim Kardashian with romantic Mother's Day gifts this year, including an orchestral serenade at dinner and a buttload of white roses. I'm guessing North was like, "Seriously, dude?! I thought we had a $10 maximum."

Kardashian wasn't around for Mother's Day, as she was on a business trip to Sao Paulo to promote her clothing line. And even though the family Kardashian reportedly celebrated on Saturday, Yeezy made sure his bae was feeling special on Mother's Day proper. Kardashian shared a picture on Instagram of her hotel room filled with a few thousand white roses, courtesy of her husband. "I got to my room in Brazil and my amazing thoughtful husband had the sweetest note with a couple thousand roses covering my entire suite for Mothers Day [sic]," she wrote in the caption. "I'm so sad I'm so far away on this day but happy we celebrated yesterday! I love you baby & North soooo much!!!"

Super thoughtful, but logistically I'm just trying to imagine how she was supposed to sleep/move/exist in a room with this many flowers. It's like, "Thanks babe, but there are now zero places for me to sit down."

Just when Kardashian thought that she was done being swept off her feet, West surprised her again when a string quartet was waiting to serenade her with Sam Smith music at dinner. Here's hoping that they also did a classical rendition of "Awesome."

And while North couldn't really be involved in the planning of all these grand gestures (because she's a toddler and all), she definitely got mom something. Seriously, it's something cool and totally on the level of Dad's gift. Just wait for, like, an hour so she can run to mall to buy it...

Last week, Kardashian told Extra that baby North was making arts and crafts and added, "I’m sure that she made me something really special." Just spit-balling here, but I've got my money on finger paints or a macaroni picture. Or maybe, just maybe, some plastic eggs that she's trying to offload from Easter.

And while moms always love handmade gifts, comparing a macaroni picture with an orchestral serenade is just unfair. But I guess that's just the way it goes in this family. North is the giver of thoughtful, handmade tokens of love, and Kanye West is into presents dripping with money and romance. As long as he included North's name on the card, we're all good.