Family Reunites With Missing Dog After 3 Years

Here’s a happy story to make us all feel a little better about the fact that it’s Monday: Recent video from San Diego shows a family reuniting with their dog after 3 years. Owner Andrea Arce told Fox 5 in San Diego that their German Shepherd, Rico, was taken from her and her two daughters and given away following “a messy break-up.” A few weeks ago, Rico, now 6 years old, was found walking the streets of Virginia, thousands of miles away from his family. Arce does not know how he made it to the other end of the country, but after a shelter called to say Rico had been found, she was able to have a friend pick him up and put him on a plane home.

In the video, Arce approaches Rico’s kennel with her two girls, aged 6 and 8, who don’t know that their long-lost pup is waiting for them. When they seem him, they are immediately ecstatic – almost as much as Rico, who begins to whine and paw at his crate when he sees them approaching. Given his excitement when he’s let out of his crate, I think we can assume he recognizes his early family. One of the daughters cries, “I missed you so much!” as everyone hugs and snuggles together, and it is ADORABLE.

Seriously, look at this child’s happy, shining face as she realizes that Rico is in the crate:


Arce tearfully explains that her family’s bond with Rico is still there, saying, “It’s the connection that we had for the first three years of his life. We never forgot him, and he never forgot us.” Awwww. I never get tired of dog reunion stories. Watch the video below, and then take a moment to give your dog a hug:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(2)