Boy Bob Is The Only Little Bro The Internet Needs

Of all the species that this planet has to offer, I'd argue that little brothers are among the most mysterious of them all. This is partially because I don't have one (THANKS, parents), so all I can really do is observe them in the wild. From what I see in public, this particular brand of human is already shameless and bizarre enough to make most people stare. To see what they are truly like when we aren't around, though, you'll have to consult Amazing Boy Bob, the little brother who films himself doing the wackiest rapping/singing/dancing your ears will ever hear.

It's unclear whether or not Amazing Boy Bob ever meant for these videos to reach the light of day. His sister Virginia posted them on her YouTube channel in three different parts, each as equally bizarre as the last. Thanks to them, we finally have an answer to the age old question: "If a little brother does something in the forest and there is nobody there to see it, does it still get uploaded to YouTube?" The answer is yes. The answer is here. And thanks to Amazing Boy Bob's possibly vengeful older sister, it isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Here is the evolution of Amazing Boy Bob, in this rare footage of little brothers in their natural habitat.

Bob dancing to "Celebrate Good Times"

Incidentally, the most little brother thing that ever happened to the internet.

WHOA, BOB. So fly. So chill. I'm literally refusing all invitations to parties from here on out unless Bob is DJing them.

Amazing Boy Bob freestyle rapping

If you have to ask why he drew a beard on himself then you're not cool enough to be here.

Amazing Boy Bob doing ... something

To explain the caption, I have no idea what is happening. He's gone supernova here. He has transcended modern rap and created his own genre. Little brothers everywhere should be proud.

It's been a few years since these videos were posted, so I can only assume Amazing Boy Bob has gone underground and is about to Beyoncé-style drop a record and leave us all totally mind-blown. Props to you, Bob. I hope you're being a little brother boss, wherever it is you may be.

Images: YouTube(5)