7 'Gilmore Girls' Things That Happened In Stars Hollow That You Wish Happened In Your Hometown

Oh, Stars Hollow. The fictional Gilmore Girls small town of Stars Hollow made you yearn for 10 hour knitting competitions and Doggy Swamis while sitting drearily in your gross studio apartment in Brooklyn. Only in Stars Hollow could you get a colorful array of loving characters, an unending list of events, and town meetings about whether two residents can date. And so I wish that I, too, could live in that magical Connecticut town.

In fact, there are specific things that any Gilmore Girls fan wishes they could experience. I WISH I had an endless supply of free diner food from the loving local who practically raised my daughter, or two town gossips who spread news quicker than Twitter. Instead, I have the IHOP manager that has a crush on me and my nosy friend Brit who gives me text updates on my ex-boyfriend. My lackluster existence is nothing compared to Stars Hollow's eccentric sense of community.

So let's go back and look at some of the most monumental moments in Stars Hollow that I could only get through a TV screen... or, computer screen, if you're a second generation binge-watching fan. Here are seven Stars Hollow-specific experiences we all missed out on!

1. A Wake for a Cat


When Sid Fishious died three years earlier, nobody would humor the idea of a beta fish funeral. Meanwhile, the whole TOWN comes around to honor the passing of Babette's cat. R.I.P., Cinnamon.

2. A Three-Part Korean slash Christian Rock and Roll Wedding


Hilarious twist: Mrs. Kim's mother is Buddhist and Mrs. Kim has to hide her Seventh Day Adventist beliefs from her, much like Lane had to keep her punk records under the floorboards. This forces Lane into two wedding ceremonies, followed by the ultimate reception with a White Stripes cake and a train wreck of a drunken speech from Lorelai. If only I could schedule EVERY wedding on one day, and just get it over like that.

3. The Festival of Living Pictures


Actually creating "living art" isn't a Stars Hollow exclusive thing, but it's a rarity if you haven't crashed a gazillion art school galas like me. Super fun to watch, more fun to see if someone screws up horribly.

4. An Impromptu Medieval Dinner with a Snowman Competition and Grown-up Slumber Party


Bracebridge dinners do exist in real life, but not the Stars Hollow way — with free rooming and sleigh rides. If only the Holiday Inn in MY town did things like that.

5. A Bid-a-Basket Festival


I LOVE having my worth judged monetarily! But, more to the point, this would be a hell of an event if you're looking to get away from your dull-as-nails boyfriend and talk books with the town bad boy. "I HAVE to go with him! It's for CHARITY!"

6. Unintentionally Becoming the Face of an Ice Cream Parlor


Um, if you don't want to be the Ice Cream Queen Rory, I'll gladly bear that burden for you.

7. A Going Away Party for One Random Resident


When I started my exciting job at the Victoria's Secret in Shrewsbury, nobody gave me a going away party in the RAIN. I feel so betrayed by this.

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