Kathryn Is Not The Reason Thomas Lost The Election

There are about a hundred reasons I can think of as to why Thomas Ravenel didn't win the U.S. Senate election. Some of them are kind of dark (see: his past), some of them are because he thought raising the roof was an A-OK thing to do in 2014. None of these reasons are because of Kathryn Dennis, Thomas' on-again, off-again girlfriend and mother to his daughter, Kensington. So what's the deal with the shade being thrown at Kathryn this season? The Southern Charm cast knows that Kathryn is definitely not the reason that T-Rav lost, right?

It's not all of the Southern Charm cast that is guilty of this. But some of the cast members — Whitney, often Patricia, and even Thomas — seem to think that they can blame Kathryn for just about everything, but Thomas' political failure is perhaps the most ridiculous thing to attempt blaming her for. I get why people think Kathryn is an easy target. She is the youngest of the entire cast. She and Thomas are not an ideal match, as we've seen on the show. But, let's be real here, Kathryn is not the person to blame for Thomas' failure no more than that poor extra who had to "raise the roof" in the political ad that got cut (thankfully). If anything, that guy is more to blame.

Bravo says in the description of Monday's episode, "... After Craig and Kathryn spend the night on the beach alone rumors start flying until an explosive accusation threatens to upend Thomas' political aspirations." So, right off the bat, we know that someone accuses Kathryn and Craig of some hanky-panky on the beach. We can pretty much bet it's probably one of head members of the "Let's Throw Shade At Kathryn" fan club.

If there's anyone to blame for Thomas' political aspirations being threatened, it's Thomas himself. His experience in politics, his issues with the law, his political viewpoints, that's what the voters are voting on and what they're judging him on. Whatever this "rumor" is, people aren't judging him on it, mostly because the rumor is probably being learned by the majority of South Carolinian voters the day the episode airs.

Picking on Kathryn isn't new for Whitney, his mother, and others. There's a certain air of superiority that some seem to take when referencing Kathryn. For instance, Whitney has called Kathryn a "hillbilly femme fatale," which is just not cool, dude.

As an adult, it seems like the responsible thing to take responsibility for your own failures. Don't blame someone else for things that are out of their control. This isn't even the first person that blame has been deflected on for Thomas' political failure. In the past, Thomas has also blamed Andy Cohen for even running for U.S. Senate, which just seems so immature and kind of embarrassing. Own that you lost the election, T-Rav. You lost that all on your own.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo