Can Kathryn & Thomas Ever Find Happiness?

The ever-changing relationship between Southern Charm couple Kathryn and Thomas has been rocky, at best. Season 1 was volatile, as there were accusations of cheating just before announcing the expectance of their daughter, Kensington. As Season 2 began, it seemed like the two weren't necessarily in a better situation. Kathryn and Thomas became the couple the Southern Charm cast couldn't stop talking about, as the two seemed to be struggling as they lived off on Thomas' plantation, far away from the life they once knew. So with the show's current status of the relationship on the rocks — the introduction of Jennifer, Thomas' "old friend" isn't helping — can Kathryn and Thomas find a place of peace and happiness?

According to Kathryn when she spoke with Bustle, it is possible, and Kensington plays a big part in that potential. "[Kensington] taught me how not to be selfish and be completely selfless. It also allowed me to selfless in my relationship with Thomas," Kathryn says. "I gave everything to them both, everything, and I don’t regret it for a second," Kathryn says, "Because I allowed myself to be vulnerable and grow and I love that." From the sound of that, it seems as if there is hope that the new "selfless" Kathryn is what is the key to solving the issues she and Thomas have had in the past. But is that really going to happen, since there have been so many rough patches in their relationship history? It's kind of hard to believe.

From what we've seen from Season 2 so far, this place of calm seems like lightyears away. On Monday's episode, Kathryn and Thomas face new issues when Kathryn sits down with Thomas' old friend, Jennifer, who Kathryn is clearly skeptical of.

These type of rough patches do have their remedies, as Kathryn sources Kensington as "an angel" who has been able to get her through hard times. "There’s a light at the end of the tunnel if things weren’t going my way or things weren’t right with Thomas, I always had this baby girl and she was always happy and smiling and good and that was the beauty in all of it," Kathryn says.

There's a chance that Kathryn is really going to need Kensington's positive powers, because there have been rumors that Kathryn and Thomas are once again on the rocks. A few outlets have reported that both Kathryn and Thomas allegedly released social media posts about the other that don't paint their relationship in a great light.

RealityTea reported that Thomas posted a Facebook update about his relationship with Kathryn being over, saying he should listen to his lawyer and "run." You can read the entire Facebook post at the link above, as it has since been deleted. According to FITSNews, Kathryn also took to Facebook to accuse Thomas of sleeping with her best friend. That post has also been deleted.

So while I wish I could see where Kathryn's place of calm is coming from, these reports have made it kind of difficult. And I'm not the only one who is skeptical, as even the cast members are commenting of the happiness of Kathryn and Thomas on the show. Here's a video of Craig saying that he doesn't even think that Kathryn and Thomas even like each other (shots fired, dude):

Cameran doesn't disagree, saying that she thinks Kathryn resents Thomas for not proposing after Kensington was born. I'm with Craig, I don't know if there's ever going to be a "happy ever-after" for these two.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo