An Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwich Is On Its Way

Even the most ardent of Olive Garden enthusiasts will tell you that the best part of going to the Italian-ish mega chain is the unlimited breadsticks that get passed around with each and every meal. And if you thought eating these magical wands of dough with zero inhibitions was fun on its own, get ready for this latest piece of delicious news: an Olive Garden breadstick sandwich is hitting lunch menus this summer, and thank you, food gods in heaven above, for answering all of my wildest prayers.

As per USA Today, Olive Garden patrons will be able to get their eager hands on this latest lunchtime creation starting June 1. The sandwich itself is pretty much everything you would imagine it to be: choose between either a classic meatball sub or chicken parmigiana, with the savory filling tucked between two breadsticks that have been jumbo-fied to make sure everything stays in place. And for the record (because I know you were wondering), YES — you can still order unlimited breadsticks to munch on alongside your giant breadsticks, because this is America, and there's no such thing as excess.

What exactly does the sandwich of your dreams look like? Like perfection smothered in sauce and cheese and served with a side of fries, obviously. Olive Garden offered up this sneak peek on Twitter:

The best part? The breadsticks, while bigger than the ones you're probably used to, stick to Olive Garden's original recipe, which I guess just goes to show that sometimes in life, you really can have it all.

According to the Associated Press, the lunchtime masterpieces will cost $6.99 for meatballs, and $7.99 for chicken parmigiana, which, if you ask me, is a small price to pay for what is ultimately an unlimited supply of happiness.

Isn't it fun when dreams you didn't even know you had come true?

Image: Fotolia