Let's Predict 'The Bachelorette' Front Runners

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas — The Bachelorette is back! On May 18, the show's 2015 season begins, and for the first time, it starts with two bachelorettes: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. Of course, not everybody is pleased about this, a sentiment I totally understand since pitting these women against each other on The Bachelor seemed like enough of a competition for me, but I am looking forward to finding out how ABC pulls off the new challenge. And there might still be a week to go 'til the season premieres, but on Monday, the network decided to gift us with a very special treat. The 2015 bachelor lineup for The Bachelorette is here, and amongst the guys, there are more than a few who I can see leaving with Kaitlyn or Britt's heart.

Of course, only four of these guys will make it to the hometown dates, which are when things get real. Who will the lucky guys be? That question won't be answered for several more weeks (unless you're keeping up with spoilers), but based on their ABC bios alone, I do have a few predictions of who will make it to the final four.

Ben H.

Initially, I decided I liked Ben because he appreciates a good movie (500 Days of Summer is my favorite and his) and he has a nice smile, but reading his ABC bio made me really feel like he has a chance this season. He seems to understand that marriage comes with sacrifices, and I like that Nelson Mandela is his role model. Also, Batman is the best superhero. A+, Ben. A+.


Daniel's cute, and he's a fashion designer — a career path not commonly held by men on The Bachelorette. But what I like about him most? His answer about who he'd want to be if he could be anyone else for the day. The Prince of Monaco, obviously, because "he has a baller life." From that statement alone, I feel like he has a good sense of humor, a must for getting along with either Kaitlyn or Britt.


Tanner calls trying out for The Bachelorette the craziest thing he's ever done, so he has a good grasp on the reality of the situation — that dating reality shows are not a normal environment, which means that chances are good he'll act like a regular person even though he's on TV. And I love his definition of marriage: "Finding your best friend...someone who makes the boring parts of life fun." I totally agree. The person you marry should be someone you can have fun with when you grocery shop and brush your teeth, not just on your contrived, outrageous dates courtesy of ABC.


I think JJ will survive the first few rounds of rose ceremonies based on the fact that he's honest. For example, he wasn't embarrassed at all to list Dumb & Dumber as one of his favorite movies, even though many of the other guys gave high brow answers (presumably to seem intelligent, because everyone's favorite movie is Dumb & Dumber). Also noteworthy: The fact that he won $20,000 on a football bet. Now that's a guy I'd like to have around.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC, Craig Sjodin/ABC (4)