9 Cringey Moments Of 'The Bachelorette' Trailer

Despite the protestations of everyone from the fans to the show's former contestants, the new season with two Bachelorettes is premiering May 18. I had hoped that ABC would change their mind and drop this whole "the guys vote on the girl" thing, but alas. The new Bachelorette trailer shows us that double Bachelorette is still a thing, and it's going to get messy.

Look, as a viewer I totally appreciate the drama factor. But as a woman, it hurts to see that Britt and Kaitlyn are going to have to compete for the guys' attention. The show had remained tight-lipped about how the whole double Bachelorette thing would work, but the season's first trailer confirms all my worst fears. After meeting the 25 men, Britt and Kaitlyn are joined by Chris Harrison who informs them that the decision on who gets to stay is in the hands of the men. They all but clap their hands and grin greedily. (OK, not really. But I'm upset about this twist so it felt like it.)

Whether you're #TeamKaitlyn or #TeamBritt, I think we can all agree this trailer shows the premiere is going to be kind of a train wreck. Here are the nine most cringeworthy moments.

When They Reminded Us About the Twist

In the wise words of Andi Dorfman: Staaaahhhhhppp.

And Then Compared the Season to Fifty Shades of Grey

That's not really the comparison a show about true, lasting, romantic love should be using.

No, Really, It's Going to Be Cray

I think we get it.

When They Only Got 25 Men to Participate

Chris Soules had 30 women, but these two women only get 25 between them. Makes sense.

When This Happened

Oh, look. He has a rose tattoo. How fitting.

This Creepy Cupcake Costume

The scariest thing here isn't the robotic cupcake, it's his smile while wearing it.

When This Look Happened

Stop making these two ladies have to show down against one another. Also, subtle blurring there, ABC. Just another example of how the show is seemingly biased in favor of Kaitlyn. (Then they should have just picked her from the get go.)

When They Changed the Color of Their Dresses to Red

What was the point of that? Is the red representing the anger they (and I) feel?

When They Made Kaitlyn Cry

"I just don't feel like this is how I should have to do it," a teary Kaitlyn says. Preach, girl.

Images: ABC screengrab (12)