Kelly Clarkson Is The One & Only 'American Idol'

by Rachel Semigran

When news broke earlier today that American Idol was on its way out, I thought to myself, "That's still on?" American Idol has only remained relevant because of our country's love of televised competition. I can't quite remember the last contestant who made a big splash — Adam Lambert, maybe (there was probably someone after him, but I tuned it all out). With its constantly rotating cast of judges and predictable array of Idol hopefuls, American Idol finally has finally become too boring for even Ryan Seacrest to save. Whoever wins the final season will probably sound more like they're yelling than singing, I guarantee it — that's just what the show has devolved into. But, I can't hate on American Idol completely, it did give us Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson (suck it, Simon!),and the power and glory that is Kelly Clarkson — she was American Idol's first winner and is still the best damn thing about the show.

Plenty of American Idols have gone on to success from having their own recording careers to making it big on the Broadway stage. Heck, some have even moved on to politics, won Academy Awards, and completely taken over country music. Yet, when it comes to American Idol's legacy, it's Clarkson who stands above the rest. After 14 seasons, no one has captured the same excitement or captured an audience quite like her.

Here's why Kelly Clarkson will always be the American Idol:

She's More Of A Role Model Than An Idol

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson has never come off as a diva or mega-celeb. She's down-to-earth and earnest when it comes to her work and personal life. Her body-positive, feminist messages are always truthful and inspiring. She's more than a pop star, she's a role model.

This Is Still The Best Break-Up Song Since 2004

THANKS TO YOU NOW I... can get over my exes.

She & Barack Obama Are Super Tight



No Other Idols Had Their Own Spin-Off Movie

From Justin to Kelly HAPPENED...and Kelly Clarkson is still super famous. She's that good.

Her Music Is Empowering AF

Ever need to get pumped for a big race? Face the day? Sing into your shampoo? KELLY CLARKSON FOREVER!

Her Acceptance Speeches Are Golden

From excited newbie...

...to charming, seasoned pro.

And She Keeps Getting Better

BRB, having this stuck in my head forever.

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