Is Maddie Ziegler Going To Be On 'PLL'?

It looks like Pretty Little Liars Season 6 is going to be filled with even more crazy — and possibly some dancing. Based on some photos shared by Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin) and Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) on Instagram, Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler might be on Pretty Little Liars next season. Say what?

Nothing has been confirmed about why Ziegler is posing with Hanna, Spencer, and even PLL costume designer Mandi Line, but it sure looks like she is going to be getting creepy and crazy on the hit ABC Family drama. According to Bellisario's first photo shared, she is beyond thrilled to be working with the young dancer. She wrote on Instagram, "Number 1 reason to come into work today. I get to be a creepfest with the insanely talented and awesome @madisonziegler1313 (I know. I know. you're so jealous)."

As you can see, Bellisario used the word "creepfest," which is an understatement if I do say so myself. Just look at the photos. Where are they? Are they at Radley? Are they trapped with Charles? Why does Ziegler look like she is wearing some dirty, old nightgown, and resembling the girl from The Ring? Whatever the case, PLL appears to be delivering even more creepy storylines and characters for Season 6.

If Ziegler is going to be featured on PLL , it will surely be a dream come true for the dancer and star of Sia's music videos, because Pretty Little Liars is her favorite show.