Lessons HSM Taught Us About Graduating

It's no lie that Disney has taught us some important life lessons growing up (everything from wishing upon a star to learning how to let it go), but nothing quite matches the greatest of Disney Channel Original Movies. Whether it is undergrad or graduate school, the Disney Channel trilogy, High School Musical taught us a great deal about graduating and navigating the real world.

If you're a recent graduate like me (brb, still processing the fact that I'm officially done with school forever) you're obviously going through a lot of different emotions right now—feelings can range anywhere from distraught to overjoyed. Who knew being an adult could be so scary and invigorating at the same time, am I right? As you're navigating your life from here on out, there's no doubt you're probably feeling some major nostalgia. Seriously, where did the past four years go?

I say don't fight that nostalgia, give in! Scroll through your tagged Facebook photos (however embarrassing they might be), listen to your favorite tracks over the years, and watch those bitterly sad graduation movies. However cheesy a movie like High School Musical may be now, it surprisingly is filled with some great lessons about graduation and moving on.

Keep Your Friends Close

The friends you make in school really will be your friends forever. Stay in touch with them.

Do What Makes You Happy

Don't base your profession based on what gives you the most money. Do what you're passionate about.

Don't Let the Haters Keep You Down

In the words of Taylor Swift, shake off the haters. They'll only bring you down and nobody needs that.

Not Everyone Finds Love in College

Don't beat yourself because you didn't find your future husband or wife yet. You're definitely not alone.

Don't Judge Someone Before Getting to Know Them

If there was anything HSM taught me, it's that you shouldn't stick to the status quo.

Dream Big Because the Sky is the Limit

Don't let people tell you, you can't. Pursue your dreams not matter what.

This Isn't the End, It's Just the Beginning

An era may be over, but it's certainly not the end.

Images: Disney Channel, Giphy