The 'Originals' Finale Had An Early Surprise

by Christine DiStasio

"Better late than never" seems to be The Originals motto when it comes to giving its fans exactly what they've been hoping for for most of the series' sophomore season. After last Monday's penultimate episode left the fate of Rebekah Mikaelson's spirit up in the air (quite literally), Claire Holt returned in The Originals' Season 2 finale right in the knick of time. Well, right in time for her to inherit all of the problems that've plagued the Mikaelson family all season long now that Klaus daggered himself during the early moments of the finale. So, what does Rebekah's return to Holt's body mean for Monday's finale and The Originals Season 3? Not that she's sticking around, that's for sure — Rebekah chose Eva's body on The Originals and, just like that, we've lost Holt again.

The Originals has hinted at the possibility of Holt's return ever since she was forced to jump into a different body, but that didn't take away from the surprise on Monday night. And, naturally, she managed to get things done a lot faster than any of her siblings have been able to since Dahlia arrived in New Orleans. Within minutes of returning to her body, Rebekah shook sense into Elijah (who's apparently deemed himself unworthy of happiness) and helped him throw together a plan to trick Davina into bringing back Esther. Sure, that sounds crazy — but Esther really is their only hope against Dahlia and, even though Davina might think that Rebekah and Elijah just put the final nail in Kol's coffin, she's not going to let him have died in vain.

Basically, the Season 2 finale is proving — minute by minute — the reason we need Claire Holt's Rebekah on The Originals. Klaus is a little too crazy, Elijah is a little too sensitive, and Freya is far too unstable to run the show and maintain alliances, but Rebekah, on the other hand, is capable of handling everyone and setting plans into motion that would otherwise be deemed "insane." So, does this mean that we'll have more Claire Holt on The Originals Season 3? I mean, it'd be foolish not to.

And there could still be hope. At the end of Monday's episode, Rebekah chose to jump back into Eva's body, but she didn't get rid of her Original body. Before yet another trip out of New Orleans, Rebekah told Marcel that she might return to her old body once she figures out a way to bring back Kol. So, as always, the door is left wide open for Holt to return to The Originals and make everyone appreciate her for saving the day yet again. I just hope we won't have to wait so long in Season 3.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; itstheoriginalfamily/Tumblr